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Tai Chi Master - Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh- super-action kung fu classic! - $15

A Taste of Killing and Romance - Andy Lau. Great action and romance. $12

Taxi- (Region 3 only)- the best and funniest car chase movie ever made, and none will ever be any better. Directed with pazzaaz by Luc Besson. French film, with English subtitles.- $14

Taxi 2- (Region 3 only)- The sequel is not as good as the original, but still good entertainment. Produced by Luc Besson. French film, with English subtitles.- $13

Temptation of a Monk - Joan Chen! Excellent classical story written with a bizarre twist; directed by Clara Law. Adult classic medievil era war drama Good picture quality, but pan & scan. Fox Lorber USA version.- $15

Temptress Moon - Gong Li, Leslie Cheung, David Ng. Gorgeous cinematography by Christopher Doyle. Directed by Chen Kaige. Drama-Tragety from Mainland China; was popular in the US arts theatres. - $17 -new USA DVD from Buena Vista In stock.

Tempting Heart - Takeshi Kaneshiro and Karen Mok star in this romance drama directed by Sylvia Chang. Recommend! - $10

Thanks For Your Love - Rosamund Kwan and Andy Lau star in this romantic drama. - $10

Theft Under The Sun - Excellent modern action film stars Michael Wong and Cheung Chi-lam. - $16 special price!

This is Kung Fu - documentary starring Jet Li and Qiu Jian Guo. - $10

Three Lustketeers- Sexy B-comedy.- $10

Three Swordsmen - Andy Lau, Brigitte Lin, Yu Li; Taylor Wong-director - $12

Three Seasons- Very good Vietnamese film on DVD, with English subtitles. Also stars Harvey Keitel (he speaks English to himself). This is rare, only available from Hong Kong.- $18

They Came to Rob Hong Kong- $12

THUNDERBOLT-Jackie Chan (pan and scan version-not letterbox). Great action sequences and a good story. The low-rating reviews about this are wrong. Great fight scenes, and some very unusual large-scale stunts by JC. This version (from Thakral in China) has the original Cantonese soundtrack, and very easy to read subtitles.-OOP

Thunderbolt-(Widescreen, Mandarin language with English subtitles)- Same as above, but full 2.35:1 widescreen. We carry the better non-DTS version. (The last year release of a single layer DTS was very inferior). Limited stock. We just sold out, but are getting more in about 2 weeks. Please place your order now to reserve your DVD.- $23

Thunderstorm- classic 1980s Mandarin film - classical-style great drama. from China about a rich family and some of their servants. Kind of like Peyton Place. Excellent! - $17 - OOP. Only one remaining.

Tiger Cage - $12

Tiger Cage 2 - $12

Tiger on the Beat - Chow Yun Fat- Great action! - $13

Tiger on the Beat II - new budget line from Universe - only $12!

The Tigers- Andy Lau and Tony Leung- good police crime drama about some eclectic cops who steal some money from a crime scene. - $12

Those Were the Days- Ekin Cheng - $13

Timeless Romance- Tony Leung stars in this very odd time-travel/reincarnation yarn. Great fun. Includes modern action and classic-style swordplay fighting. Also plenty of dark comedy. Well worth a watch. - $12

Time and Tide - Excellent US reg. 1 DVD- full widescreen, best version! - $19

To Be No. 1 - nice widescreen print from Ocean Shores. A different movie than the following one. - $19 (only have one in stock)

To Be Number One - Excellent violent gangster film; won 1991 Hong Kong best film award. Stars Amy Yip, Cecilia Yip, Ray Lui. - $12

To Live (the DVD is sold by the title "Lifetimes") - Excellent epic tale of a couple showing their journey through life during and after the Communist revolution in China. - $29 (this seems to be out of print, and we only have one left.)

To Love - recent Japanese drama about a girl's first love and her discovery that she might have leprosy. Her reactions and those of her boyfriend are explored. Excellent drama. - $10

Today's Hero (1991)- action-romance starring Maggie Cheung and Kenny Bee.- $13

Tokyo Eyes - By French director JEAN-PIERRE LIMOSIN. Great movie-Recommended! - Japanese with English subtitles - $12

Tokyo Raiders - Tony Leung action thriller with some good comedy thrown in. Selectable languages and subtitles. DTS 5.1 Surround soundtrack. This is the high quality original Hong Kong version with original Cantonese with optional English subtitles. (NOT the cheap Mandarin-only version that has flooded the low price market). - $13

Tomie - (horror) - NEW LOW PRICE $12

Tower of Death - Bruce Lee - $14

The Tragic Fantasy* Tiger of Wanchai- Simon Yam, Lau Ching Wan Roy Cheung star in this gritty triad action drama. Very good-$10

Treasure Hunt - Chow Yun Fat - Recent hit movie - $18 new lower price

Triads the Inside Story (Chow Yun Fat) -New low price $12

Tri-Star - Leslie Cheung - This is a very entertaining comdey-drama Hong Kong style, complete with club girls (Tri-Star is a night club in Hong Kong), evil pimps, and a king hearted priest (Leslie Cheung) who tries to help a young woman who is in trouble with one of those pimps. Really fun story to watch. - $11 (We have in stock the Tung Ah Chinese version called "Trisect". Still with English subtitles.

Tricky Brains - Stephen Chou and Andy Lau star in this excellent comedy by Wong Jing. - $10

The Tricky Master 2000 - Stephen Chow stars in this Wong Jing hit comedy. A "King of Gamblers" spoof. Recommend!- $10 PRICE CUT!

Troublesome Night - $12

Troublesome Night 3 - $10

Troublesome Night 4 (Cat. III) - $10

Troublesome Night 5 - $17

Troublesome Night 6 - $11

Troublesome Night 7 - NEW! - $11

A True Mob Story - Andy Lau stars in this gritty violent triad revenge drama. - $10

Trust Me You Die - $10

Twelve Nights (new from Peter Chan!)-Excellent romantic drama about an intense romance which lasts less than two weeks. Excellent movie! Try it, you will like it. Stars Hong Kong's hottest young actress, Cecilia Cheung. - $11

Twenty-Something - Adult film. Gen-X post teen adults struggle over love and friendship. Not bad Cat.3. - $10

Twin Bracelets- an unusual (and very good) drama about a fishing village where the married couples only get congegal rights a few times a year. The story focuses on one teenage girl and her friendship with another which grows into an obsession with her in an almost lesbian manner. Very well-directed and good realism in the village life. - Special price- $9

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star - Chinese New Year comedy- $12

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars - Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao - action/comedy - $16

The Untold Story 2 - True Crime Story about gruesome murders. Graphic violence. Adults only. - $13

Up for the Rising Sun - Anita Yuen stars along with some lesser-known actors in this film about a woman who chooses to marry for money. This is actually a very good drama. Well acted and easy to get emotionally into, unlike most HK dramas.- $10

Victim- Is is a horror film? Is it a murder crime thriller? Is is an action movie?Victim is all of that and more. Actually, it is one of my favorite horror films (I don't like very many horror movies). I thought it comparable to some of the best Hitchcock films, with twists and turns and edge-of-your-seat action and some elements of horror. Ringo Lam's best in many many years! - $12 new low price

Viva Erotica-Excellent drama starring Leslie Cheung and Shu Qi. Cheung plays a young film director who can't find work because of bad box office records for his recent films. The only thing that comes up is an offer from a sleazy producer to direct a low budget sex film.-$25 OOP

Walk In - Very good ghost-possession film starring Wu Chien Lien (Beyond Hypothermia) and Danny Lee. Director: Herman Yau. Original story, OK acting and directing. The horror element is very light. Actually this is mostly just a drama with some supernatural elements. - $9

A War Named Desire- recommended new gangster action film (2000) - $14

War of the Underworld - gangster flick. - $12

Way of the Dragon - Bruce Lee Kung Fu Action.- $13

The Wedding Days - Stars Anita Yuen and Jordan Chan. Very entertaining light romantic comedy. Great date movie. - $10

What a Wonderful World - Andy Lau, Theresa Lee, Kenny Bee. Directed by Samson Chiu. This is a wonderful movie! Great human-interest drama! RECOMMENDED & BARGAIN PRICE! - $12

Wheels on Meals - Jackie Chan comedy action - $15

When Fortune Smiles - Stars Stephen Chiau (Chow), Sandra Ng, and Anthony Wong. 1990 comedy with the now famous Stephen Chow. About a rich family fighting over a dying man's wealth. A professional thief (Chow) is hired to steal and alter the will. Very funny and conveluted. - $10

Where a Good Man Goes - recommended crime drama- $10 new low price.

Whiteout- Really Excellent Japanese action film (Region 3 only). Out of print, but we have a few left.-$22

Wild Search - Chow Yun Fat - Recommended Police Thriller. Child witnesses her mother's murder. Great drama - $18

Winners and Sinners - Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan comedy action - $12

Wong Kar Wai DVDs: Days of Being Wild-$19, As Tears Go By-$17, Fallen Angels-$16

Xiu Xiu the Sent Down Girl - Incredibly good, award-winning drama directed by Joan Chen. Banned in China. About a teanage girl sent (as millions were sent) to the country during the Cultural Revolution. She is eventually forced into quasi-prostitution in pursuit of a hopeless attempt to return home. Letterboxed. Mandarin with English subtitles.- $19.

Yes, Madam! - Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock - SUPERB ACTION with two of the world's best kick-boxers- both of whom are women - $11 NEW LOW PRICE

The Young Master - Jackie Chan classic - new lower price! - $12

Young & Dangerous -Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Gigi Lai; Andrew Lau-director - $12

Young & Dangerous 2 - Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Chingmy Yau, Gigi Lai; Andrew Lau-director - $12

Young and Dangerous 3 - out of stock (maybe out of print)

Young and Dangerous 4 - $15

Young and Dangerous 5 - $11

Young and Dangerous-The Prequel - $11

Zero Woman - new from US Tokyo Shock (Japanese import) - erotic sexy assasin thriller along the lines of a female 007-type film. (Adults) - $22

Zhou Enlai - $12 - No English subtitles, but a good film about one of the chief instigators of the Great Cultural Revolution. A serious historical drama. Recommended! Tho subject matter is about Mainland, this is a Hong Kong adaptation, so is in Cantonese only.

Zoku Shinobi No Mono (Band of Assassins Return [Japanese])-$16

Zu Warriors From the Magic Mountain - Brigitte Lin, Yuen Biao, Maggie Cheung, Sammo Hung, and many of Hong Kong's finest actors and actresses during their young carreers; Tsui Hark-director - A true Hong Kong Classic: Great special effects and mystical fantasy kung-fu tale - 9 Subtitle selections; better picture quality than the laserdisc. - $16

Note: All DVDs and laserdiscs shown are NTSC. Most DVDs are coded for all regions; a few are coded for North America.


Movie Data:

TOKYO EYES (FRANCE 1998). Recently won best director award at Cannes Film Festival. Written and directed by French director JEAN-PIERRE LIMOSIN. Starring TAKESHI KITANO- (HANABI, SONATINE, VIOLENT COP), also starring ultra cool Japanese TV /Movie actor/model SHINJI TAKEDA, and the cutest Japanese model/actress HINANO YOSHIKAWA. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Released by Universe Laser & Video Co. Ltd., HONG KONG, coded 5254, comes with DOLBY Digital, ALL WORLD CODE (NO REGION CODE), LETTERBOXED EDITION, CLOSE CAPTIONED, total running time 98 min., in ORIGINAL JAPANESE language tracks with ENGLISH or CHINESE subtitles options. $22.00

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