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Romancing Bullet

The Storm Riders 

Swordman in Double Flag Town

Nang Nak (Thai ghost romance movie)-$22

Needing You - Andy Lau romantic comedy - $19

New Legend of Shaolin- Jet Li and Chingmy Yau- One of Jet Li's most violent action films. A period adventure-drama. Very good.- $14 either version (US or HK). Both have Chinese lang. with Eng. subs.

No Compromise - Danny Lee - extremely violent action thriller. Category "OAT I" - $11

No Risk No Gain (Casino Raiders the Sequel)- Andy Lau- $12

Nomad - Leslie Cheung - early 1980s cult classic about a group of young friends which some good things and some bad things happen to. Early new wave HK film. This is a good movie, but has been over-edited somewhat. - $9

Nude Fear- Not an adult movie (but still would be R-rated for violence and partial nudity). Excellent police suspense thriller about a woman cop who is obsessed with finding the serial killer murderer of her mother from 20 years ago. Well made and well acted. - $10

The Odd One Dies - stars Kaneshiro Takeshi in this excellent movie about a loser with a gambling habit who takes on a hitman job to raise some money. Gets lucky in gambling so he hires another hitperson who ends up being a woman. Recommended!- $10

Once a Thief - 1991 Fast action/comedy from John Woo. Stars Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung, and the very lovely Cherie Chung. This is about a love triangle who are also a gang of art thieves. This has some funny parts, but also has a lot of gun violence. - out of print, but we have one remaining. - $30 email for availability.

Once Upon a Time In China - Jet Li, Rosemund Kwan, Yuen Biao, Jacky Cheung; Tsui Hark-director. Now in stock! - The new, improved Columbia Tristar version with an additional five minutes running time (Cut from the expensive Hong Kong version). Also includes and extra movie version which is English dubbed (and cut); good for kids or anyone not wanting to read subtitles.- $19; or $25 for the original Media Asia version.

Once Upon a Time In China-2 - Jet Li, Rosemund Kwan, Donnie Yen, Max Mok; Tsui Hark-director - $25; or $19 for USA version by Columbia Tristar.

Once Upon A Time In China 3 - Jet Li, Rosemund Kwan; Tsui Hark-director. - $23; or $19 for USA version by Columbia Tristar.

Once Upon A Time In China and America - Jet Li, Rosemund Kwan. This contains a Mandarin soundtrack option-one of the few with Jet Li's actual voice. - $16 new low price. Also have the China Star version for $14.

One of the Lucky Ones-Alice Lau, David Woo, Hui Fun. Good drama about a blind teenage girl and her determination.-$5

Option Zero - One of the best action police thrillers ever made in Hong Kong! - $22

Operation Condor (aka Armour Of God 2) - Jackie Chan, Carol Cheng, Ken Lo; Directors: Jackie Chan, Frankie Chan. Really great over-the-top action and fun. Much better than a James Bond movie. - $20

Operation Condor (aka Armour Of God 2) - Jackie Chan, Carol Cheng, Ken Lo; Directors: Jackie Chan, Frankie Chan. Really great over-the-top action and fun. Much better than a James Bond movie. - $12 Mandarin version (still with Eng. subs).

Operation Scorpio! - Great wild and crazy Chop-Sockey film about a teen wanna-be hero who gets his chance to prove he is a hero. Great, easy to read subtitles. Was out of print for years except as a low quality VCD without English subtitles. Now available in high quality DVD format. This DVD has Mandarin only language dub. Has selectable subtitles in English or Chinese - only $13

Ordinary Heroes - Anthony Wong plays an Italian priest! Acclaimed 1999 drama about a group of misfit activists- an assortment of leftists and boat people. The 1980s HK government won't allow the boat men to bring their wives on short (would be deported to mainland). The main two characters are a young man and woman. The woman has lost her memory, and the man is in love with her and tries to help her. Asiafilm recommends!-$10

Papa Can You Hear Me Sing-Critically acclaimed Mandarin drama. An abandoned little girl is found and adopted by a poor srap metal collector. She grows up to be a professional singer, but doesn't have time to see her adoptive father. This is a most highly recommended 1982 drama. Very emotionally intense and uplifting. Don't miss this before it goes out of print!-$10

Paper Marriage - Maggie Cheung, Sammo Hung romantic comedy. Good! - $11

Passion- Syvia Chang - $13

Peace Hotel - Chow Yun Fat, Cecilia Yip, Wu Chien Lien, Chun Ho; John Woo(Producer), Wai Ka Fai. One of Chow Yun Fat's best serious action drama films. -$18 same price for Taiwan uncut verion (Mandarin), or Hong Kong DVD with Cantonese. Both have English subtitles.

Peacock King - Yuen Bao - Great Action and bargain - only $11

The Peking Man- new Japanese movie, but with Joey Wang also starring. About a multi-government conspiracy to utilize a newly bio-engineered race of superhumans. This is really good! Kind of a reverse planet of the apes. Region 3 only (won't play unless region-free machine) - $12

Peking Opera Blues - Brigitte Lin, Cherie Chung, Sally Yeh, Wu Ma; Ching Siu Tung(Action Dir), Tsui Hark-director - this is a hit-classic kung fu action with comedy. This is truly great comedy and action! A Tsui Hark modern classic. - $16 Back in stock. Price reduced, so this will go out of print soon. Don't miss this one!

Penitentiary Angel - Interesting propaganda drama about some women in a China prison who reform. English language! $11

Perfect Girls - Michelle Reis looks absolutely stunning, and Nina Li has a scene in a red swimsuit, that'd knock the socks off a dead man. - $8

Perfect Match-(the romantic drama; not the sex movie)-Andy Lau stars; Wong Jing directs.-$9

Phantom Lovers-$17

Picture of a Nymph - Joey Wang in another great ghost/fantasy film. - $12

The Pillowbook - Adult art film directed by artist-director Peter Greenaway. A revenge story with body calligraphy as the theme. Good! The film itself is multi-lingual in Japanese, Mandarin, and English. English subtitles included with other languages. This is also a muli-media film. Best shown on a large screen TV, because sometimes small video inserts are at the side which show past happenings whic affected the present. A visual feast. Includes nudity; for sale to adults only.-$12. U.S. region one version - $24.

Police Story - Very low stock of this out of print JC blockbuster. All our Police Story DVDs are original Megastar versions. (Best available.)- $30

Police Story 2 - Second of Jackie Chan's best police action series! - Out of print, but we have one remaining. Megastar.- $30

Police Story 3- Supercop - This is one of JC's best films, with an added bonus of Michelle Yeoh at her physical peak.- out of print, but we have one remaining. Megastar.- $30

Police Story Trilogy- Very low stock of these out of print JC blockbusters. - $87 special package price. email for availability.

Popopya Railroad Man - Very popular Japanese drama with English subtitles. All region coded.- $18

Portland Street Blues - Hsu Chi, Sandra Ng, Kristy Yeung; Yip Wai Man - Classic Triad Action - $12

Prisoner Maria - from US Tokyo Shock (Japanese import) - erotic sexy assasin thriller. (Adults) - $21

PR Girls - $10

Prince Charming- Andy Lau, Michelle Reis, and Nick Cheung star. Wong Jing directs this offbeat romantic comedy.- $10

The Prince of Temple Street- Andy Lau, Joey Wang-$15

Princess Chang Ping - early John Woo film from the 1970s. Romantic classic costume drama! - $10

Prison on Fire - Chow Yun Fat Universe version.- $14

Prison on Fire 2 - Chow Yun Fat - RECOMMENDED. THIS IS A MODERN CLASSIC. GREAT prison drama better than Shawshank Redemption (my honest opinion)! - $12

The Private Eyes- Classic 1976 comedy starring the Hui brothers: Michael, Sam and Ricky Hui. Directed by Michael.-$8

The Prodigal Son - Sammo Hung Directs and plays a supporting role (his acrobatics are amazing). Yuen Biao plays the lead role as the rich man's son. Action-filled classic tale about a rich man's son who's opponents are bribed by the father to let him beat them- so he can have a reputaion as the best kung fu fighter in the province. The plot is pretty thin in places, but some of the fight sequences are truly amazing - some of the best ever. - $11 one week special

Project A (1 and 2) - Jackie Chan. Hong Kong uncut version - $28 ea. - US dubbed (#1 only) - $21 (only one in stock).

The Protector - early Jackie Chan; police action - $14

Purple Storm - New (1999) film about an ultra-terrorist group. Excellent action and drama.- $13

Queenie and King the Lovers - $10

The Raid - Tony Leung Kai Fai and Jackie Cheung star; Tsui Hark and Ching Siu Tung both direct. This is an excellent campy action period film (pre-World War 2 during the Japanese occupation of Manchuria) in a Raiders of the Lost Ark action style. This is an oft-overlooked classic. Great! - $10

Raise the Red Lantern (1991) - Directed by Yimou Zhang. Classic story of a new fourth concubine arriving at a rich man's house. A young Gong Li stars in the lead role. She is stubborn and rebellious, and starts out trusting the wrong people. Excellent film; worth repeat viewings. - $22 back in stock.

Raped By an Angel 5 The Final Judgement- Yes, it was bound to happen someday. Make enough lame sequels and you run out of gross-out rape concepts, so have to downgrade to PG-13 (Category IIB). Actually, this movie is better quality than most of the previous sequels.- $13

Red Firecracker Green Firecracker (US region 1) - recent release. New low price - $21

Red Rain - Sexy mystery-suspense thriller: Great blend of modern police action, gang violence, drama, romance, and mystery! Set in Taiwan (Hong Kong production)- an undercover policeman from Hong Kong on special assignment in Taipei is paid a visit by his superior from Hong Kong. His superior turns out to be a corrupt cop trying to extort a large sum of money from an exiled gangster also known to be in Taiwan. The Taipei mafia are after the missing rich gangster's daughter to find the money through her. Meanwhile our hero meets the same girl by chance in a dance club and falls in love. We recommend this film. - $18. Also on VCD at $8.

Red Shield-This is simply an amazingly good low budget cop action filck. Recommend highly, tho very violent. Danny Lee stars and Parkman Wong directs.-$10

Reign Behind a Curtin - Tony Leung Kar Fai (the tall one) stars in this historical drama. - $9 temp. price reduction!

Reincarnation of the Golden Lotus- Joey Wang- good. $14

The Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms - martial arts classic (Reg. 1) dubbed English- $14

Return of the Lucky Stars-$12

Return to Dark - Anthony Wong.- $11

Return to a Better Tomorrow-Ekin Cheng, Michael Wong, and Lau Ching Wan. Chingmy Yao also makes a comeback. Action drama. I actually like this better than the John Woo films. (Better story and acting.) - $12

Rich and Famous-Chow Yun Fat. Tai Seng USA Release- $22

Righting Wrongs - Yuen Biao- modern action. Great! - $12

Ricki-Oh: Story of Ricky - this is the US Tokyo Shock release, which is identical to the Hong Kong release. Has optional English dub and optional English subtitles, also original Cantonese soundtrack option. - $22

Robotrix - A true modern Hong Kong film cult classic- and one of the best! Amy Yip stars. A bionic woman is put back together after being nearly killed. Similar story theme as Robocop, but very riske'. This is adult-Cat. 3 - Adults Only. - Out of stock.

Rock and Roll Cop - Excellent "cool cop"-action yarn starring Anthony Wong at his very best. Highly recommended! OOP and limited stock. - $28

Romantic Dream -Good Romantic Comedy- $11

Romancing Bullet - Danny Lee stars in this recent (2000) gangster action film. - $9

The Romancing Star III - Andy Lau stars in this 1989 Comedy! - $8

Royal Warriors (1996) Michelle Khan (Yeoh) is truly amazing in this classic pull-out-all-the-stops "Girls with Guns" movie, which is still one of the best of the genre. Excellent fight choreography and stunts, and tons of action - including a final scene in which Michelle really "brings down the house"! Hiriyuki Sanada shows off some very impressive moves in his supporting role as Mr. Yamamoto, a Japanese cop who helps Michelle take on the bad guys.- $13

Royal Tramp - Very good film. Classic swordplay with comedy - $15

Royal Tramp - Megastar version with multi-subtitles and extra trailers of other movies. Classic swordplay with comedy - $28

Royal Tramp 2 - Stephen Chow and Brigitte Lin star. Fullscreen Mei Ah version is the only one available now.- $15

Rouge - Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Emily Chu, Alex Man; Stanley Kwan-director - $16 - Award-winning drama!

Rules of the Game- Luis Koo, Kristy Yang, Alex Fong - gang action drama- $10

Running Out of Time - NEW! Low price! Andy Lau and Ching Wan Lau make a great bad guy-good guy team. A criminal Genius has has only 14 days left in this life versus a CID cop who has the support of the entire police force... A psychological but fatal game between two men of super-talent! - $19

Rythm of Destiny - Danny Lee and Aaron Kwok. Andrew Lau directs this drama about a free-wheeling ganster older brother who is trying to influence his younger brother to be a good boy and pursue a singing career. But the younger brother dislikes the older one because of misunderstandings and clashes.- $12

Sausalito - recent release; Peter Chan-directs, stars Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai (same stars as Comrades Almost a Love Story). Romantic Drama. - $21

Saviour Of the Soul- Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Aaron Kwok, Gloria Yip; Wong Kar Wai (Writer), Corey Yuen director. - $10

Saviour Of the Soul II- Andy Lau, Rosamund Kwan, Corey Yuen; Corey Yuen director. - $10

Sea Root- Lau Ching Wan. Drama. A boat person's optimisim affects everyone around him.$9

Sealed With A Kiss - $17

Security Unlimited - excellent 1981 action-comedy. They don't make Hong Kong comedies like this any more! - $13

The Secret KGB UFO Files! - This is a U.S. television documentary narrated by Roger Moore (English language with Chinese subtitles). Great fun! - only $10

Seventh Curse- Chow Yun-Fat - $10

Sexy and Dangerous - Loletta Lee, Francis Ng, Michael Tong star in this film about young female street gang members. This was capitalizing on the popular YOUNG AND DANGEROUS film series, but is actually pretty good on its own. -$9

Sexy and Dangerous II - The teenage girls have grown up. Still sexy and dangerous, but not as good story-telling as the first one. - $10

Sexy and Dangerous 2-PAK Two for the price of one typical DVD - only $18

Shanghai Affairs - Donnie Yen (Iron Monkey) stars and directs in this classic-style Kung Fu tale. - $12

Shanghai Grand - Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau star in this very violent and well-directed Shanghai gangster flick. Also with a short role by Almen Wong, but one of her greatest and most famous as a snake-loving seductress/torturer. - $10

Shanghai Shanghai- Sammo Hung Action - $13

Shanghai Triad - Gong Li, Li Bao Tien, Xiao Xiao; Zhang Yi Mou-director. Excellent drama film showing a different side to the 1930s Shanghai ganster lifestyle- not just the usual shoot-em-ups, but some actual personal interaction. One of Zhang Yi Mou's most accessable films is about a naive young, poor,country boy who comes to Shanghai to work for his rich ganster relatives. Back in Stock! New Columbia Tristar version. Mandarin with English subtitles. Better picture quality than the old Hong Kong version. - $22

Shaolin Soccer (DTS)- Stephen Chow mega-hit. Really great story and comedy, and unusual over-the-top special effects.-out of stock. Will try to get more.

The Shaolin Temple - Jet Li - nice removable English subtitles - $19

Shinobi No Mono (Band of Assassins) Excellent mid 1960s Japanese nina film. -$16

Zoku Shinobi No Mono (Band of Assassins Return) Excellent mid 1960s Japanese nina film (sequel).-$16

Shiri- DTS version, ultra-violent Action/Romance. Mega-hit in Korea. (But Region 3 only).-$19

She Shoots Straight - Joyce Godenzi - Action - GOOD! - $12

Sleepless Town - Hong Kong production set in a foreign country- in Tokyo, Japan. This is a very good drama somewhat in a Hitchcock style, but with Japanese Yakuza and HK Triads. A killer combination! Kaneshiro Takeshi stars as a mid-level Yakuza thug who has had the wrong friend in the past. Now the Yakuza wants him to kill his former friend or die himself. Great action, drama, and romance! Winner of the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards. This is the special edition with some nice extras. - $17 new low price

Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon - Sammo Hung action comedy. - $10

Skyline Cruisers- Leon Lai, Shu Qi - loose sequel to Downtown Torpedoes. Not as good as the original, but better action and special effects.- $12

The Soong Sisters- Stars three of the most talented Chinese actresses today: Michelle Yeoh, Maggid Cheung, and Vivian Wu. A famous story about three sisters who each married different powerful or infamous men in early 1900s Chinese history. Some say this story is weak due to inaccurate depictions of historical events and people who were much worse than this film shows. But I say who cares? This is a fictionalized account. The acting and directing are very good. This is a Hong Kong drama faithfully dialoged with all actors speaking Mandarin. - $15

Spacked Out - (another Mei Ah typo: supposed to be Spaced Out)- critically acclaimed- rough, raw story about young teens - $14

Stars and Roses - Andy Lau and Cherie Chung. Epic drama set in Saigon- Chinese tourist is falsely arrested and imprisoned. Discovers Chinese POWs captured in previous border disputes years ago. - $14

Step Into The Dark - $14

The Storm Riders - New Recent release Hong Kong popular fantasy/swordplay with great special effects and story. Recommended! We usually have this in stock. $20 (original high quality version). This is the high quality uncut Hong Kong DVD with Cantonese language (or Mandarin), English subs, and lots of special features (no subtitles on the documentaries). Just in- English dub version-$13.

Street Angels - Chingmy Yau, Hsu Chi!- Scantily clad women, triad gangs and action. This is a good, campy gangster movie. Simon Yam makes a great bad guy. Some reviews complain about the subtitles, but they look fine to me. They are not cut off, and they are printed very clearly. - $10

Summer Snow - family comedy-drama about a grandfather with Alzheimer's, and his grown children who care for him. Very good drama. Out of print, but we have one left!- $18

Sumo Do Sumo Don't - Extremely popular Japanese comedy by the director of Shall We Dance. - $17 lower price!

Super Car Criminals - $10

Suzhou River - great Mandarin modern drama. Life on the edge in urban Shanghai breeds a modern romance story. Excellent. - $23

The Sword - Adam Cheng, classic 1970s martial arts; beautiful widescreen print. Mandarin only dub with English subs. Recommended!-$13

The Sword Stained With Royal Blood - Based on a story by Jin Yong - A period sword fighting (Wu-xia) ('flying people') film set at the end of Ming Dynasty (late 16th century) in Southern China. The story relates the vendetta between a martial outcast known as Golden Snake Lord and Castle Wan. The action sequences in this movie have a strong visual impact and made good use of some truly spectacular scenery. Good casting, interesting characters and an intelligent script made this the finest movie adaptation of a Jing Yong's work in recent years. Some big-name stars are included, such as Yuen Biao, Wu Ma, Danny Lee, and Anita Yuen. Highly recommended for lovers of fast and furious flying fu flicks! - $12

Swordsman in Double Flag Town- no English subtitles, but still a great movie to watch! MUCH Better than Ashes of Time! This has a similar look and feel as Tsui Hark's Blade, but the story is more similar to Kurosawa's Yojimbo and something like Mel Gibson's Road Warrior. The people in it are so primitive and expressive the story is easy to follow even without subtitles! Some aspects of the people and animals are very graphically and brutally portrayed. You will learn how horse head soup is made. A teenage boy disguised as a cripple wanders into a small walled village in the Gobi desert. The village is frequently harrassed and extorted by a gang of bandits. The teenage boy is actually a master double swordsman. He travels disguised as a homeless cripple until one of the bandits tries to rape his girlfriend. He kills the bandit. It goes on from there. Awsome cinematography of the village and surrounding desert, and a great DVD transfer. Good "epic" music soundtrack. Mandarin language only. - $10 low price.

Swordsman - The first in this trilogy - What Jackie Cheung lacks in kung fu skills, he makes up for in acting ability. Actually a better written story than Swordsman II. - $18

Swordman 2 - Jet Li, Brigitte Lin, Michelle Reis, Rosemund Kwan. English title is actually Swordsman II. (Shown that way in the film; Swordman is a long-standing typo.) Directors: Ching Siu Tung and Tsui Hark. Nine subtitle selections including English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean. Recommended! - $21

Sworn Brothers - early Danny Lee (looks young) - great police action-drama "Old style" (i.e. 1987). Kind of campy but serious, gritty, violent action; lots of car and foot chases. Cop looks out for best friend cop, who has lost his badge and is in deep with loan sharks. - $10 Bargain Alert!

Sworn Revenge- $15

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SEXY AND DANGEROUS (1996) starring the famous Asia sexy Star LOLETTA LEE. This is the female version of the popular 'Young and Dangerous' series. Also starring KAREN MORRIS MOK, TERESA MAK, produced by WONG JING, organiser & adviser SIU-KEI (Mafia head!). Total running time 92 min., in Cantonese & Mandarin language tracks with ENGLISH & Chinese subtitles. Not suitable-Adults only. $15.00 for either used laserdisc or new DVD version. (Both in stock.)


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