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Stray Dog - - Throne of Blood

Love... Love

I Have a Date With Spring - $12

I Love Maria - NEW LOW PRICE - Tsui Hark - Like ROBOCOP, except the cyborg works for the triads instead of the cops! Over-the-top, but great fun. RECOMMENDED! - $13

I Wanna Be Your Man - light-hearted lesbian romance-comedy (similar theme as Something about Mary). Good! - $14

The Iceman Cometh - Maggie Cheung, Yuen Biao (one of his best roles!) Great action-comedy-romance! This is by far one of the best Hong Kong action comedies ever made. Also amoung these two actors' best films.- only $11 - low price!

Illusion of Blood - 1960s Japanese horror classic about a poor samurai who steals. He murders his father in law and other members of his wife's family and flees, only to come to a haunted temple where the ghosts of his victims exact their revenge. Japanese language with only Chinese subtitles. NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES, but excellent story - $10

I'm Your Birthday Cake - Chingmy Yau and Ekin Cheng star. Michael Wong also co-stars in the only good role I've seen him play. A Feel-good romantic comedy - funny and sexy. Along the lines of Indecent Proposal, but this is MUCH better!- $12

Immortal Spirit - recent Hong Kong horror/comedy - $10

The Imp - award-winning classic HK horror from the 1970s. Recent DVD release. - only $11

The Imp - more recent HK horror film starring the lovely Peng Dang. Category III (adults). - OOP

In The Line Of Duty III - Cynthia Khan, Michiko Nishikawa; Stephen Shin(Producer), Brandy Yuen; RECOMMENDED! - $12- BARGAIN ALERT!

In The Line Of Duty IV - Cynthia Khan, Donnie Yen; Yuen Wo Ping - 9 Subtitles selection; RECOMMENDED! - $12- BARGAIN ALERT!

In The Line Of Duty V - Cynthia Khan, Donnie Yen; Yuen Wo Ping - 9 Subtitles selection; RECOMMENDED! - $12- BARGAIN ALERT!

In the Mood For Love -$20 Hong Kong Special 2-disc set with extra features and optional Mandarin dub.

In the Mood For Love -$32Criterion 2-disc SE with extra features on disc 2

Inner Senses DTS (Leslie Cheung) - New ghost suspense thriller.-$15

Inspector Wears Skirts - Cynthia Rothrock - Great police action-comedy about policewomen - $10 Low Price!

Intellectual Trio-Leslie Cheung; crime action romantic drama.-$10

Intimates - Lesbian drama. - $9 or *$0

Iron Monkey - Donnie Yen, Yu Rong Guang, Jean Wong; Tsui Hark (Producer), Yuen Wo Ping-director. This is a real crowd pleaser. Everyone seems to like it, and we are no exception. There is an English dub option for those who find subtitles distracting. Fantastic action scenes and great drama. Columbia Tristar did a wonderful job with this. The picture quality is much improved, and they kept the soundtrack traditional music with a great digitally remastered Cantonese soundtrack.- $27 either version.

It's A Drink It's a Bomb - Maggie Cheung comedy- $8 super-low price!

It's A Wonderful Life - New Years comedy stars Leslie Cheung. - $11

Ju Dou (Gong Li)-out of print

Juliet in Love - new release - $16

Justice My Foot- Stephen Chiau, Anita Mui; Johnnie To-director - $15

The Kid- Excellent and heartwarming drama starring Leslie Cheung. About a bankrupt divorced man who finds and adopts an abandoned child. - $12

Kid with the Golden Arm (dubbed- old Shaw Brothers)-$12

Killing Me Tenderly (1997) - Hong Kong takes another whack at Hollywood's "The Bodyguard", but with much more satisfying results than the 1994 Jet Li vehicle. Leon Lai Ming, village chief and bored rural cop, lands his first urban assignment. He thinks he'll be protecting Tung Chee-Hwa, but in fact he must go undercover, as bodyguard for up-and-coming HK Cantopop sensation Cinderella (Sammi Cheng Sau-man). The twist: he has to pretend to be gay, to fit into Sammi's all-gay male entourage. Sammi must deal with the rigours of the HK entertainment world (here spoofed in a goofily satirical vein), complete with a hostile rival singer and a psychotic fan. Around the standard plot elements of Leon and Sammi's awkwardly blossoming love affair, and the crazed fan's increasingly threatening behaviour, director and writer Lee Lik-chi has built a surprisingly fresh, disarming, and funny film. Soundtrack is in Dolby Digital. - $11

Killer - Sorry folks, I know this is confusing. This is a new Hong Kong release of a B-grade movie. This has nothing to do with John Woo's "The Killer". - $13

The Killer - Chow Yun Fat - John Woo-director - The verdict is in: This DVD has the same or better picture quality than the Criterion! Don't be a sucker- buy this while you can, and save big bucks! Only a few left of this out of print DVD! Letterbox with interactive menu and director's commentary, and several other special features. Chinese or English language, with removable English subtitles. Our price is only $35 for either The Killer or Hard Boiled. Order Here. Also available in a director's pack which includes the new Hard Boiled DVD. Newly recorded director's commentary tracks are available on both of these great DVDs! Our price for the director's pack is just $59! New VHS (subtitled) tape prices are only $19.00 each, and are also in stock. NEWS FLASH! THESE ARE ALL OUT OF PRINT, SO GET YOURS NOW! ONLY A FEW LEFT.

The Killer - Chow Yun Fat - John Woo-director - French, English, Vietnamese, and many other subtitle menu options. This is a good quality official DVD from Hong Kong (from Universe). Letterbox format. Not region coded.- $16 low price-

The Killer's Love - Simon Yam romantic comdey-$10

Killers From Beijing-Violent ganster action drama-$7

King of Beggars- Megastar DVD- Stephen Chow- now out of print, but we have one left. - $30

Kitchen - $11

Knock Off - Claude Van Damme. This is an excellent action comedy, directed by Tsui Hark. One of Van Damme's best movies. Shot on location in Hong Kong in English language. -$18 (USA region 1); or $9 (region 3).

Kung Fu Cult Master, The - Jet Li, Chingmy Yau, Sammo Hung, Cheung Man. Jet Li (Producer), Sammo Hung(Act Dir) Popular Jet Li Kampy Kung Fu mania!- $15 new low price


Akira Kurosawa Featured Film Re-releases on DVD:

For complete synopsis on all of these, click here

Drunken Angel (1948) - (haven't checked picture yet) - Great classic Kurosawa film about a benevolent alcoholic doctor who takes care of the poor residents of a post-WWII bombed city in Japan. Fascinating human study. This is also a thriller about one of his patients- a dangerous local gangster who is chronically ill with tuberculosis. - only $14

Hidden Fortress (1958)- Akira Kurosawa - We now sell the Criterion version of this great film. Widescreen an much improved English subtitle translation. - $24

High and Low (1963) - $14 (Mei Ah), or $30 (Criterion)

The Lower Depths (1957) - Akira Kurosawa - GOOD PICTURE QUALITY! Toshiro Mifune, Eijiro Tono, Isuzu Yamada - $14

No Regrets For Our Youth (1946) - NOT-SO-GOOD PICTURE QUALITY - $14

One Wonderful Sunday - NOT-SO-GOOD PICTURE QUALITY - $14

Record Of A Living Being (1955) - Akira Kurosawa. Toshiro Mifune, Ken Matsuda, Kazuo Kato, Eiko Miyoshi - $14

Sanshiro Sugata (1943) "The story of Judo"- Kurosawa's first big success. Excellent drama and action. Kurosawa's unique meticulous, and artistic cinematography was introduced to the world for the first time. - $14

Sanshiro Sugata II (1945) - the sequel.- $14

Seven Samurai (1954) - $14

Stray Dog (1949) - Akira Kurosawa - Toshiro Mifune, Keiko Awaji, Isao Kimura - $14

Yojimbo (1961) (Criterion)- Akira Kurosawa - Toshiro Mifune, Eijiro Tono, Tatsuya Nakadai. Note: this is the movie that Last Man Standing was a direct copy of (the story); except he does all that maham with only a sword! Original widescreen, B&W.-$24


Kwaidan - From Criterion. This is a classic Japanese ghost story film from the 1970s. One of the greatest Japanese popular films ever made. Four terrifying stories artfully told: Black Hair Ghost, Snow Girl, Hoichi the Earless, and In a Cup of Tea. This is the uncut version fully restored version, not the edited version that showed on TV some years ago. 161 minutes on a dual layer DVD; full 2.35:1 widescrenn, enhanced for 16x9 TVs. English subtitles and other extras - $24.

La Peintre - Gong Li, recent release! - $12

The Last Blood aka Hard Boiled (Not the John Woo film)- one of the best Police action films ever made from Hong Kong. Low budget, but great acting and action. - only $11 - new low price.

Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979) - supurb early John Woo film.- $17

Last Hero In China - Jet Li, Anita Yuen, Cheung Man; Jet Li (Producer), Wong Jing-director - $14

The Last Message - $10

Last Romance- Cherrie Chung, Maggie Cheung. Very high quality widescreen - $21

Laughters of " Water Margin"… - $10

The Law Enforcer (Danny Lee)-$10

Lee Rock - Andy Lau stars in this drama about a legendary popular Hong Kong policeman. - $14

Lee Rock II - Defective subtitles (not visable in most of the movie) - $10

Legacy of Rage - Brandon Lee - Bruce Lee's son in his first major film years before The Crow - $12 lower price.

Legend of the Dragon - great action comedy with Stephen Chiao - $14

Legend of the Flying Swordsman (new)- Excellent! Like a soap opera drama about a disfunctional family of traditional swordsmen (the father and son). The son stays drunk all the time and doesn't love his wife, so the wife falls in love with a neighboring Japanese swordsman. The elder father of the houshold is like a dictator to his family with very cruel tendencies. - $14

Legend of The Liquid Sword - Chingmy Yau, Aaron Kwok, Anita Yuen, Loletta Lee; Wong Jing, director. Classic action/swordplay. - out of print.

The Legend Of Speed - Ekin Cheng. Recent China Star release about glamour and night street racing. (A former late night sport in Hong Kong before the 1997 take-over). Hot babes crave Ekin. Ekin craves racing and his girlfriend. Beautiful DVD transfer and removable subtitles! - out of stock.

Legend of the Purple Hairpin - Real Cantonese Opera! We have versions with or without English subtitles - $16

Legend of Zu- new Tsui Hark film with more special effects than any movie I've ever seen.-$17

Life in the Last Hour-$10

Lifeline - Lau Ching Wan; directed by Johnnie To; firefighter action film. - $10

The Log - Recommended police drama. This is some good filmmaking for Hong Kong. The style is very similar to the old Hill Street Blues TV show. On New Years Eve, the day before the Chinese take-over of Hong Kong, three different policement use their guns in three different situations to kill someone in the line of duty. The results of each officer's actions and their feelings are extrapolated upon. - $18

Long Arm of the Law (1984) - Johnny Mak, director; action shooter with depth is about a gang of jewel thieves on a rampage. Great subtitle options, including English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Thai. - $22

Long Arm of the Law II (1987) - undercover cops infiltrate a gang syndicate from Mainland China. Great subtitle options, including English, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Thai. - $22

The Longest Night - Dark, violent police drama. Lau Ching Wan and Tony Leung star; Patrick Yau directs (one of Hong Kong's best young directors). Good! - $13

The Longest Summer - ACTION - $12

Look Out Officer- Stephen Chow, Amy Yip. - $13

Lord of East China Sea (full widescreen) - Ray Lui, Kent Kent Cheng; director: Poon Man Kit. This is an epic historical drama about Shanghai of the early 1900s up until the nationalist party ousts the foreign powers and the communists. A good film, masterfully directed, beautiful music soundtrack. Recommended! 142 minutes, dual layer-excellent widescreen digital transfer. - $18

Lord of East China Sea II - Second part of this drama with same characters. - $14 limited stock, Dirt cheap!

The Lord of Hangshou - $10

Lost and Found - Kaneshiro Takeshi- $10

Love and Let Love - A heartwarming human drama. Recommended. - $14

Love Generation - stars Leon Lai and Shu Qi. Director Jing Wong. - $11

Love is Love - Stephen Chiau - $12

Love is Not a Game, But a Joke - Maggie Cheung - comedy. New low price! - $12

Love... Love - Romantic comedy with several outstanding young actresses.- $10

Love on Delivery - Stephen Chow and Christy Chung. Good romantic comedy with some good action-fight scenes.- $10

Love Paradox- $11

The Lucky Guy - Stephen Chiau - $14

Lucky Stars Go Places- Sammo Hung.- $13

The Lunatics- Chow Yun Fat - $11

Lung Fung Restaruant (Stephen Chiau)-$11

The Mad Phoenix- true drama about a famous screenwriter and composer in the 1920s who became mentally ill in later life.- $10

The Magnificent Butcher- Sammo Hung. out of print, but we have one left. - $30

The Magnificent Scoundrels - popular Stephen Chow comedy. - $12

Magnificent Warriors - Excellent movie along the lines of an Indiana Jones film. One of the first 3 Michelle Khan (Michelle Yeoh) movies, from the period before her "retirement." Michelle is a biplane pilot/spy working against the occupying Japanese forces in China in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Richard Ng is a poncho-wearing itinerant swindler who accidentally gets tangled up in Michelle's mission to rescue a local ruler, who is pretending to support the Japanese occupation forces while actually working to subvert their hold on his province. Some nice stunts, and Michelle w/ a bullwhip (Indianna Jones-style) and comic relief from Richard Ng. - $12

Magnificent Warriors - rare Megastar international version.-$24

A Man Called Hero - From the makers of Storm Riders. This is a great quality, full 2:1 (approx) widescreen version. Great special effects!- $13. Original widescreen HK DVD with Chinese languages and English subtitles, or new English dub release DVD. Both same price.

Man Wanted - Simon Yam and Yu Rong Guang (Iron Monkey, Musa) - excellent crime thriller about a deep undercover policeman who is the right-hand man of a high-level triad boss. - $22

Man Who Stole the Sun- Excellent circa 1978 Japanese suspense thriller about a high school teacher who builds an atomic bomb at home, then uses it to extort the Japan government for humanitarian purposes. Great car chase scequence too. Wild! - $12

Marooned- recent Hong Kong release (2000)- a Macau policeman and his casino dealer girlfriend end up $2 Million in debt to a triad boss (from gambling). They have to come up with the money. - $10

Martial Angels-Shu Qi- MI-style action flick!- $19

The Masked Prosecutor - Louis Koo and Jordan Chan star in this excellent murder/police thriller. Lots of good action, and a very well-written and acted story. We highly recommend this. Low budget and some camp, but very well made.- lower price - $10

Master of the Flying Guillotine (USA DVD)- New! $18

Master Wong vs Master Wong - $17

Mean Streets Story - Ekin Cheng - Triad action and young romance. From the Universe budget line- only $10

Miles Apart - stars and directed by Michael Wong. Great picture quality, full widescreen. Good police action-drama. - $13

Millionaires' Express (aka Shanghai Express) - Directed and starring Sammo Hung; also starring Yuen Bao. What happens when a glamorous express, with high government officials, wealthy merchants, concubines and a gang of brigands on board, speeds towards the small town of Hanshui, where escaping bank robbers, corrupt officials, and gamblers await? Well, let's just say the Titanic had a smoother maiden voyage. Recommended. - $13

Millinneum Mambo - Hsiao-hsien Hou (HHH's) first Hong Kong film. Stars Shu Qi. Very good. The characters are not very likable, but aren't supposed to be. Recommended, especially if you are a fan of other HHH films. This one is more accessable than most of his previous films.- $15

Miracles- Jackie Chan and Anita Mui! - one of JC's best but least-known films. Action-comedy (as usual). This is the Hong Kong uncut version. 122 minutes. Amazing assortment of subtitles, including Vietnamese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and English. - $30

The Miracle Fighters - Great action! - $12

The Mission $18

The Mistress - New release from Universe (1999). Category III drama (adult), but by a female director- Crystal Kwok. - $12 lower price!

Modern Romance - Christy Chung, Ng Ka Lai, Chingmy Yau, and Sandra Ng star in this light romantic comedy.. Directed by Wong Jing, and also stars Roy Cheung. Good fun!- $9

A Moment of Romance - Andy Lau - the original - street punk finds woman worth protecting and worth living for. - $21

A Moment of Romance II - (1993) Aaron Kwok; Benny Chan-director. Action, romance, and motorcycle racing.- $13

A Moment of Romance III - (1996) Andy Lau; Rich airforce pilot crash lands in farm field of poor country girl. They fall for each other, then he goes on a supposed suicide mission. Nice full widescreen and dolby digital. Good movie! - only $13

Special Moment of Romance 1-3 Pak-We got some more in, so here are all three DVDs in this film series for only $42!

Moon Warriors (very good)- Out of print Universe version. -$10

Moonlight Express- recent release-Action-romance starring Leslie Cheung and Takako Tokiwa. - $17

The Most Wanted- Lau Ching Wan- Excellent police drama about a deep undercover policeman who is gradually abandoned by his superiors. The others don't know about him, so he is hunted like a dog by the police, since they all think he is part of a murderous band of professional robbers. He also meets a woman, and they fall in love. Recommended! - $13

Mr. Vampire - The original 1980s film. Great quality, and has had great reviews. Horror camp-comedy. - $14 new low price.

Mr. Vampire II - More whacky fun. Horror camp-comedy. DVD- $10

Mr. Vampire III - VCD ONLY-this movie. This has the original actors from the first movie, so is better than the other sequels which are not related. Horror camp-comedy. - $9

Mr. Vampire 4 Sage (Mandarin)- Even more whacky fun.- $10

Dr. Vampire - This is more of a European style adult vampire movie. The vampires look human and don't hop. They just suck blood like Dracula. This is actually pretty good. - $10

My Father Is A Hero (same as The Enforcer, except uncut) - Jet Li, Anita Mui, Tse Miu, Yu Rong Guang; Wong Jing(Writer), Corey Yuen - Why get the butchered version (5 minutes of great action are cut out of "The Enforcer"!!!) Buy the real original uncut version now. NO annoying English dubbing either- just English subtitle option and choice of Mandarin or Cantonese soundtract. Great Action-Drama with fantastic Kung Fu duo Jet Li with 11 year old Yu Rong Guang! RECOMMENDED- only $16!

My Hero II - Triad comedy-drama - $7

My Loving Trouble 777 - New release. Great comic spy flick. Here now. - $17

My Lucky Stars (Jackie Chan)-$12

My Name is Nobody- Nick Cheung, Shu Qi. Yet another king of gamblers clone.-$9

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