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TITLE - CAST; DIRECTOR; description (Please note that all titles have at least English and Chinese subtitles available). - PRICE

100 Ways to Murder Your Wife- Rare out of print Chow Yun-Fat romantic comedy. Recent release.-$18

2000 AD - New! Dark forces seem to be conspiring against two brothers when one is killed by a sniper after being arrested and put in the back of a police car. The special effects of the high caliber-high velocity bullets punching throught the car with the people in it are quite realistic. The surviving brother is then arrested twice and released both times. Fed up, he decides to investigate on his own, with the help of his dead brother's former fiance. They uncover evidence indicating involvement of the CIA, the Singapore secret police, and a shady computer hacker terrorist group. - $12 new low price

990714.COM - Internet Murder horror thriller - $10

The Accident - Recent film (1999)- Human drama about coincidences resulting from a train wreck (never shown in the movie) which alters a few people's lives forever. This got very mixed reviews and made no money, but this really is an excellent film, and not depressing. Hong Kong action fans should avoid, but those who like international European flavor movies should get this. Also, Almon Wong is a knockout in this. Would be rated R for sexual conduct.- $10 new low price

Aces Go Places 1 through 5 - Great action-comedy series. - $10

The Accidental Spy- excellent, recent Jackie Chan action spy thriller.- $13

The Adventurers- Andy Lau - $10

Afraid of Nothing the Jobless King- great comedy about a fired cop who would not go along with corruption. He joins a gang of beggars and strikes back.- $10

The Age of Miracles - $14

All About Ah Long - Chow Yun Fat - Great Drama! $14

All the Wrong Spies - $12 new low price

All's Well End's Well - Popular Hong Kong Film. A feel-good romantic comedy starring Maggie Cheung! This is a film released for Lunar New Year. - $15 new low price

All's Well End's Well 97 - The sequel to the popular HK film. - $12

An Autumn's Tale - Chow Yun Fat, Cherie Chung, Danny Chan. Mabel Cheung, director - GREAT ROMANTIC DRAMA WITH FINE YOUNG ACTOR/ACTRESS TEAM.-$16

Ancient Chinese Whorehouse - Ewong Yung. Very pretty actress. Adult action-crime drama. Cat.3-$9

And I Hate You So - Romantic Comedy; stars Aaron Kwok and Kelly Chen.-$15

Angel on Fire- Cynthia Khan. Excellent crime-action. English dub US release. - $10

Angel on Fire- Cynthia Khan. Excellent crime-action. Rare out of print original Ritek release. Great quality, and one of the best and most original girls with guns movies ever. Limited stock.- $32

Anna Magdalena - stars three great young stars: Aaron Kwok, Kelly Chen, and Kaneshiro Takeshi. Gen-X romantic drama about a love triangle-$11

<<<(click on picture) Another Chinese Cop - Anthony Wong and Diana Pang star in a sexy crime thriller in which a former national martial art team member falls for a lounge singer and begins a life of crime as he kidnaps a wealthy businessman. The Mainland police chief assigns an officer who was also a member of the national team to the case. Out of print, but we have a few remaining in stock- $14

Armor of God - Jackie Chan - $23 - Out of print, but we have a couple left. Original Megastar version (best DVD version of this ever made).

Armor of God 2 (Operation Condor) - Jackie Chan - Out of Print, but we have a couple left.Really great over-the-top action and fun. Much better than a James Bond movie. - $20 remastered version from Megastar.

Armor of God 2 (Operation Condor) - Jackie Chan - this is the Mandarin version (with subs).-$11

Arrest the Restless- Leslie Cheung, Vivian Chow. Crime Thriller.- $10

As Tears Go By- Wong Kar Wei. Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung. Romance drama about a street gangster and his distant cousin - they are opposites who attract each other. Now out of print, but we might have one left if you're quick. - $30

Ashes of Time - Wong Kar Wei - Popular classic period film - $14

Assassin - Excellent, very violent action film (classic period). Stars Zhang Feng Yi , Rosemund Kwan, and Max Mok. - $10

Avenging Fist-Aaron Kwok, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, and many more great actors star in this far out Sci Fi action flick. It's over the top and young at heart, but really fun. Recommended.-$13

Ballistic Kiss- Donnie Yen directs and stars- This is good action-drama-romance. $11

Back Alley Princess- modern classic kung fu featuring the very talented Shan Kwon Ling Fung.-$11 limited stock

Bandit Queen- $22

Baroness - Modern action starring Anthony Wong. Mysterious underworld character known only as Baroness hires team of mercenaries for elaborate jewel heist which goes awry. - $12

Bayside Shakedown-$19

Beauty of the Haunted House- sex-horror about a haunted house. For Adults only.-$11

Beautiful New World - Very good modern Mandarin romantic drama about busy city life and how it affects a man and a woman living together as cousins only (at first).- $12

Beast Cops (with English dub option) Uncut - $22

Beijing Rocks - Daniel Wu and Shu Qi star. This is a unique 2001 film about some young and restless types against a backdrop of Chinese urban young nightlife. Chinese rock music soundtrack. Anamorphic 16:9 picture, 5.1 DD sound. In Mandarin with English subtitles. - $12

Best of the Martial Arts Films - Documentary with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and several other marial arts stars. English language. - $9

A Better Tomorrow -Chow Yun Fat, Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung, Emily Chu. Tsui Hark (Producer), John Woo, director. We carry two versions, the old Media Asia version at a reduced price of $18, and the new, improved Anchor Bay version with original theatrical soundtrack for $21.

A Better Tomorrow 2 - Chow Yun Fat, Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung, Emily Chu. Tsui Hark (Producer), John Woo, director - $20 -new Anchor Bay version. Better quality, original theatrical soundtrack, lower price!

A Better Tomorrow 3 - Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Anita Mui. Anita Mui is fantastic in this movie. This is the best of the series (although historically inaccurate). The fist two were dry and not very well acted, but this one has a better human element with Anita Mui. Director: Tsui Hark - $16

Beyond Hypothermia- stars Ng Sin-Lin (Chien-lien Wu) and Lau Ching-Wan. Excellent "female assassin" action-romance-drama. Both violent and romantic (like Le Feme Nikita). Hard to find except from a few online stores. NEW- Better picture quality in a hard to find Taiwan release from ThunderMedia - $15

Bichunmoo- simply one of the greatest swordplay/romance period films ever made (if you like wild fighting action). Korean.-$16 lowest US price on the net (Official Hong Kong DVD- DTS 5.1).

The Big Boss - Bruce Lee - $13

Big Bullet - stars Lau Ching-wan and Theresa Lee. This is a first rate police action thriller. Highly recommended.- now only $12

Bio-Zombie - A cult classic campy horror film. Widescreen, special features: has multiple endings. This is a horror-comedy about a guy who accidentally drinks a secret government bio-chemical weapon- and gets turned into a zombie. Wild and crazy- Hong Kong style! - $12

Bishonen... - Directed by world-acclaimed photographer Yonfan. Fascinating ay interest drama- based on a true news item in Hong Kong a few years ago about a sex scandal that included many members of the Hong Kong police department. This DVD is high quality widescreen, and includes many extras such as an interview with the director. Recommended world class drama! - $21

Black Cat - Jade Leung, Simon Yam, Thomas Lam, director-Stephen Shin - OOP-but we can supply this title.-$16

Black Cat 2 - Jade Leung. OOP but we can supply this title - $16

Black Cat in Jail - New 1999 film. Same actress as the first two (Jade Leung). - $11

Black Mask - Jet Li, Lau Ching Wan, Karen Mok, Francoise Yip; Tsui Hark (Producer), Yuen Wo Ping (director). We have two versions: the Hong Kong DVD for $15. We also have a few left of theThe Taiwan version DVD, which is now OUT OF PRINT - $20 (Mandarin with English subs). It has better picture quality than either the US or HK DVDs. Get it while you can!

Black Rose II - $13

Blacksheep Affair- Man Cheuk Chiu stars. Great escapist action about a cult-terrorist captured by police and then freed by his followers. Wild chase scenes. This is good, solid camp. Not to be confused with high art. Great kickboxing from the lead star, also. - $11

Blade of Fury- One of the best violent, historic period Kung Fu films ever made. Sammo Hung's best directed film (also co-stars). Recommend! Rated for adults due to violence only. This is the original China Star DVD from Thakral.- $27 OOP, but we have one left.

Blind Romance- Tony Leung and Chingmy Lau! - $10

Blue Moon -$19 OOP-just one left!

The Blood Rules - $14

Bloody Brotherhood - Andy Lau - recent release, violent gangster film.- $13

Blue Lightning- Danny Lee polie drama. - $14

Body Weapon-adult (nudity and violence) police action murder thriller. Exploitive B- film, but quite good for this genre.-$10

Bodyguards of the Last Governor - This is a lite comedy about what might happen with the last governor in Hong Kong (film was made it 1996). Has some great satire in addition to the usual Hong Kong slapstick. Bargain priced. - $10

Born to Be King (Young & Dangerous 6) Final episode of the famous Young and Dangerous film series. - $12 new low price

The Breakthrough (modern war drama)- About one of the fiercest battles between the Natioinalists and Communists in 1947. Told from the Communists viewpoint, but still a good war film. -$15

The Bride With White Hair - Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung - cult classic favorite with bizarre hyper-violence and a morbid but fascinating plot. Highly recommended. - $12

The Bride With White Hair II - Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung in the sequel. - $11

Brotherhood - stars Danny Lee and Alex Man. Police and gang action drama. - $10

Bruce Lee the Legend - documentary. Includes choice of Cantonese or English language.-$10

Bruce Lee the Man & the Legend - documentary. Includes choice of Cantonese or English language.-$10

Bullet In the Head - director John Woo's greatest film - out of print

Bullets Over Summer- Very good police action /offbeat comedy-drama. Recommended!- $14

Burning of the Imperial Palace.- Chinese New Year special-$10

Butterfly Sword- Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen, and Tony Leung star in this wonderful martial arts classic.- $16

Casino - $12

Casino Raiders - Andy Lau & Rosamund Kwan. Wong Jing director. This is another take-off of the God of Gamblers concept, but is not a sequel. - $11

Casino Raiders 2 - Andy Lau. This time Johnny To directs.This is another take-off of the God of Gamblers concept, but is not a sequel. This is the sequel to Casino Raiders. - $11

No Risk No Gain (Casino Raiders the Sequel)- Andy Lau- $10

C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie - Anita Yuen,Carrie Ng, Carina Lau, Lau Ching Wan. Derek Yee, director - Out of print, but we have some stock remaining. Recommended!- $11

Centre Stage (aka Actress) - Maggie Cheung, Carina Lau, Tony Leung Ka Fai; director: Stanley Kwan.- $15

Century of the Dragon - Recent release. Andy Lau stars in ex-con drama. Excellent film.- $13 new low price

Cheap Killers- This is Cat. IIb because of violence. One of the goriest violent action dramas ever filmed. Very well acted and directed (Clarence Fok). Produced by Wong Jing. Story is about two low level hit men who work as an inseparable team. They are betrayed by their boss and go into hiding. Recommended if you don't mind extreme violence.- only $12

Cherry Blossoms - early Chow Yun-Fat romantic drama.- $14

Chicken a la Queen- Loretta Lee and Roy Cheung. Directed by Lee Hon Tao and Clarence Fok. Story about an undercover cop's efforts to rescue some teenage girls from being forced prostitutes for the triads. - $12

China Strike Force- (The cover art is printed on foil, which doesn't scan very well.) This is a new film which was shot in Shanghai with a truly international production, but done Hong Kong action style. This has both the depth (lack of) and the entertainment value (very high) of a good James Bond movie, with many of the same kind of stunts seen in most classic James Bond movies. Aaron Kwok even does some good acting, and the Japanese actress is a knockout (gorgeous)! The story is simple: about some police trying to catch some big-time drug dealers. It's all great fun to watch. Most of the dialog is in English, but the Chinese spoken is Mandarin (even the Hong Kong actors speak it). A Cantonese dub is included also. Widescreen. Ignore any bad reviews you may read. This is Excellent Entertaining Action!- $17

China's Last Eunich - Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, and Max Mok star in this excellent classic period film-$10

A Chinese Odyssey I: Pandora's Box - Ken Kranes price is $35! so is nearly everyone else's! Stephen Chow in a period kung fu adventure with magic. Great fun! - $10 Standard version will not play on Playstation 2 or some older DVD players. NEW DTS version- $17

A Chinese Odyssey II: Cinderella - $10 Standard version will not play on Playstation 2 or some older DVD players. NEW DTS version- $17

Chinese Feast - One of the best all-around crowd-pleasers from Hong Kong. Action, comedy, and romance. - $10

A Chinese Ghost Story - Leslie Cheung, Joey Wong, Wu Ma, Lau Shun. Tsui Hark (Producer), Ching Siu Tung, director - $32 - Out of print. We have one left.

A Chinese Ghost Story 2 - Leslie Cheung, Joey Wong, Michelle Reis, Waise Lee. Tsui Hark (Producer), Ching Siu Tung, director - $27 This will probably go out soon. Get yours cheaper now.

A Chinese Ghost Story 3 - Leslie Cheung, Joey Wong, Michelle Reis, Waise Lee. Tsui Hark (Producer), Ching Siu Tung, director - $32 - Out of print. We have one left.

Chinese Midnight Express - $11

Chinese Midnight Express II - $12

Chungking Express- Brigitte Lin, Faye Wong, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung; Wong Kar Wai. This is an excellent romantic drama with two stories. Wong Kar Wai has never done enything else this good, but hardly anyone else has either! This is a classic. New USA version from Buena Vista has much better picture than the old out of print HK version. Cantonese with English subtitles. Great DVD extras included.- $18

City Kids - Andy Lau; directed by Poon Man Kit (Lord of East China Sea) - Street gang action - only $10

City Hunter - Jackie Chan! $27

City of Desire- (2001) - Alex Fong, Anthony Wong, Sandra Ng; this is a good gangster thriller. - $13

City of Glass - $15

City Kids - Street gang action - $10

City of Lost Souls - Takeshi Miike-director - A very slick, fast paced crime action-drama. Michelle Rice never looked better. - $16

City on Fire - Chow Yun Fat. Excellent! - $16

City War-Chow Yun Fat and Ti Lung. Violent action revenge story with Chow at his angry best.-$10

Chocolate Inspector - $10

Comrades Almost A Love Story - Leon Lai, Maggie Cheung, Eric Tsang; The recent multi-award winning film by director Peter Chan Ho San. Excellent Maggie Cheung film. new special price - $15

The Conman- Andy Lau, Athena Chu; director Wong Jing. This continues the God of Gamblers tradition. Not exactly a sequel, but sort of is. Recommended. - $12

Conmen in Tokyo-$16

Conmen in Vegas-Andy Lau gambling filck.-$12

Conspiracy - $12

The Contract- This is a classic 1978 comedy by Michael Hui (starring and directing), plus starring his two brothers Sam and Ricky. - $9

Coolie Killer- Cecilia Yip; this is an exciting murder thriller about a hitman being hunted by his own kind.- $12

Cop of the Town- Danny Lee crime action- $10

Cop Shop Babes- Sexy comedy.- $12

Crazy Companies - Andy Lau- $9 while quantities last

Crime Story - Jackie Chan in a serious crime action-drama. Very violent and very popular movie. This is the uncut Megastar version. - $25 Out of print, but we have very limited stock, subject to prior sale.

Crocodile Hunter - Andy Lau; Wong Jing director. Action/Comedy. - $10

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon with English subtitles and optional English dub. We stock two versions. Both are the highest quality versions of this movie available on DVD. The region 3 DVD (won't play on standard US machines) is the only version with Coco Lee music videos. This version also has an optional Cantonese language track.-$25 new lower price.

We also carry the US Region 1 version for US DVD players. The only difference is it does not contain the optional Cantonese track nor the music videos of Coco Lee. - $20

Crystal Fortune Run - Very good, campy, fast action, Mission Impossible spoof- police vs good-guy criminal types (except for one who kills a lot of people, but she's got her reasons). I recommend this one! Good picture quality. Official Tung-Ah DVD from China. - only $7 - Super Bargain Alert

Cupio One- classic film now in stock.-$14

Cyclo - excellent award-winning Vietnamese film by Ahn Tran. Violent drama about a poor young bicyle taxi diver and his family.-$16

Dances With the Dragon - A romantic comedy about Aaron, a young, successful Chinese businessman, who drifts onto a rural island after a scuba accident. Mistaken for an illegal immigrant, he is forced to take refuge in a small, family-run grocery store. Enjoying the riches to rags transition, he tells nobody his true identity, and falls in love with the grocery store owner's daughter, Yvonne. But while Aaron enjoys his life of anonymity, Yvonne covets the chance to escape her poverty. Meanwhile, in Aaron's absense, a plot has been hatched to take over his company. Are Aaron's and Yvonne's lives too different to find happiness together?-$10

Days of Being Dumb - comedy.-$12

Days of Being Wild- Leslie Cheung. Early Wong Kar Wai drama. The life of a down and out loser and commitment-phobic young man. - $20

Deadly Melody - Brigitte Lin, Yuen Biao - Manic musical swordplay! This is one of our favorite Hong Kong action-fantasy-martial arts movies. Do not pay attention to any negative reviews of this film. It doesn't get any better than this, and Yuen Biao is at his peak. A really great and outrageous adventure. Yuen Biao's character is hired by Brigitte Lin to transport a priceless magic lyre to another locale. He meets with danger nearly every step of the way. We now carry the new Tai-Seng release with optional English dub for $15.

Desirous Express- adult drama about an abused wife and her affair with her best friend's husband.-$9

Dirty Tiger Crazy Frog-Sammo Hung-$15

Dr. Wai In The Scripture With No Words - Jet Li, Rosemund Kwan, Takeshi Kaneshiro; Ching Siu Tung-director. This is a wild story, with many satirical references to other popular films- especially Raiders of the Lost Ark and the person of Indiana Jones. (Dr. Wai is a PHD archeoligical expert and collector of antiquities, not a medical doctor.) A great Jet Li action film-something a little different! The story is about a writer with writer's block who finds a way to finish his greatest story anyway. He dreams about the continuation and conclusion. In the process, reality becomes confused with the dream world, and eventually is overturned by it! Fantastic premise, and very well acted and directed. Subtitle menu choices are English or Chinese. Extras include a couple of trailers, and a nifty mini-documentary about Jet Li's early Kung Fu training. - $15 Lower price!

The Doctor in Spite of Himself-Lau Kwok Fai comdy.-$8

Double Suicide- Criterion DVD of the classic Japanese story. Great movie!- $24

Double Tap- stars Leslie Cheung. Good thriller about a police sharpshooter on the verge of going crazy. $12

Double Tap- DTS version - $15

Downtown Torpedoes- (1997) - popular, action-filled spy thriller starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jordan Chan - $12

The Dragon Chronicles: The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains- Stars Gong Li and Brigitte Lin - Great action/magic/kung fu period film. Fantastic fantasy epic with young Gong Li and Brigitte Lin playing powerful goddesses. RECOMMENDED! - $19

Dirty Tiger Dancing Frog- Sammo Chung- $12

Dragon From Russia (1990) - Great Hyper-Action. Maggie Cheung stars in supporting role. New release; was out of print! - $12

Dragon in Jail - This is a really good early Andy Lau movie about a two-time loser who goes to prison for defending his parent's business when he accidentally kills a triad member who was threatening and taking protection money. He comes near to losing everything and gets addicted to heroine. This is a good early Andy Lau film.- $12

Dragon Inn- one of the greatest Hong Kong action films of the early 1990s. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung star in this overthetop but very well directed (Tsui Hark) story about a desert hotel which serves as a refuge from those on the run including outlaws of all sorts. (I know the old King Hu original is better, but it is not available yet.)-$27

Dragon Lord - one of the best early Jackie Chan action films! - $12

Dragons Forever- this is a true comedy classic. Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, and Sammo Hung team up for their last film made together. Madcap action and great comedy!- $13

Dream Lovers (Chow Yun Fat and Brigitte Lin) - $17

Dreams of Glory A Boxer Story-Liu Chung Yin. Action!-$10

Dreadnaught - stars a young Yuen Biao. Classic 1980s film about a weak coward who inadvertantly learns a powerful form of kung fu while he gets into fights with an escaped killer. - $18

Drunken Master 2 - Jackie Chan's greatest work! This is the original Thakral DVD with letterbox format. Uncut and undubbed. Beautiful picture quality (better than the laserdisc). - $21

Drunken Master 3 - Andy Lau, Michelle Reis, Gordon Liu, Simon Yam; Director: Liu Chia Liang - After Jackie Cha's brain damage in DM2, the studio had to hire Andy Lau to do the third installment of this Kung Fu action-comedy<g> - $12

The Duel- Andy Lau - This is a very entertaining classical/magic&swords special effects movie. On a similar level as Storm Riders, but not as serious. Plenty of light comedy brightens it up. A+! - $22

Duel to the Death - a classic 1980s kung fu/sword/fighting movie. Includes an optional English dubbed soundtrack. - $18

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