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VCDs (Video CDs-playable on most DVD players and DVD-ROM computer drives):

Note: We only list a few of our available VCDs, since they are low price and low demand. We can order any in-print VCD (only Hong Kong titles). Please send us your requests by Email. Allow one month for available titles.


We only guarantee playability with DVD/VCD players made to work with VCDs; but most VCDs will play on computers also; we just can't accept returns if won't play on computers. Quantities are limited, and most of these are close-outs, so order early.

Angel Terminator - RARE VCD- modern action; girls with guns. Very good street-fighting & kickboxing.-$12

Armageddon-modern action-thriller with lots of special effects. Like Mission Impossible. $7 cheap!

As Tears Go By - Wong Kar Wai, recent release $9 while supplies last. Doesn't seem to work with CD-ROMs. Only works on DVD/VCD players.

Asian Connection- Danny Lee action. - $6

Blade (Hong Kong film) - one of Tsui Hark's best and most hard-action films. The one-armed swordsman! This is great! (But just my opinion. Some people do not like for the harshness.) Not available on DVD. Only $10

Bounce Ko Gals- Japanese. Long out of print on DVD- $11

Brighter Summer Day- Excellent four hour movie by Edward Yang about youth gangs in Taipei. This is drama, not action. Four disc set. - $14

Burning Paradise - One of the best- by far- classic-style kung fu & swordplay action movies from the early 90's in Hong Kong - out of stock

Butterfly Murders - Great Tsui Hark early film. His first film, and one of his best! Hitchcock-style classical-era fantasy mystery! This VCD will play fine on computers, but subtitles are mostly cut off the bottom if played on a home DVD player on a standard US television. - $5 special price for limited time.

Casino Tycoon - Andy Lau - $5

Days of Being Wild - Wong Kar Wai, recent release-$9 while supplies last. Will only play on DVD machine, not computer (unless have actual MPEG card).

Death and the Maiden - Rare in the US - $5

Dirt - Rare HK drama - $5

Dragon Inn- Tsui Hark producer. Stars Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung, and Tony Leung. Excellent!-$6

Drunken Master- Jackie Chan- the original. No subtitles, but the price is right-$4

Fong Sai Yuk II - Jet Li kung fu actioner. Lowest price in the US!-$5 Lowest price in U.S. while supplies last

Farewell China - not now or ever available on DVD. Great movie. - $13

Fist of Legend - Jet Li; no DVD is available for this other than the US dubbed and cut version. This version is uncut with the original music soundtrack. - only $9!

Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)- English dubbed. Far-out sci-fi story. Great fun! - $12

Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989)- English dubbed. Far-out sci-fi story. Godzilla saves the earth once more - this time against a giant plant creature which was generated from his own cells! Great fun! - $12

Godzilla vs. King Ghidora (1991)- Japanese language with English subtitles. Great, campy fun! - OO Stock

Good Men, Good Women-$10

Holy Weapon - actual printing says "Hopy Weapon". This is one of the best shlotsky B-hyper action comedy Hong Kong classic style swordplay films ever made in the early 1990s. Stars Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh. This VCD is long out of print.- $14. Very limited stock.

The Horse Thief - About Mongolian tribes, including one horse thief and his family having hard luck. Not available on DVD or video. Very rare VCD, and an excellent film!- out of stock.

Kurosawa's Dreams - OUT OF STOCK

Made in Heaven-$5

Millionaire Cop - $4

Pink Bomb- romance with Lau Ching Wan- $5

Red Rain - this is a cool modern action movie with Taiwan gangsters and Hong Kong cops in Taipai. Very good!-$6

Red Sorgum - $8 back in stock

Scent of Green Papaya - Excellent Vietnamese classic drama about pre-war village life and romance.-$8

The Soong Sisters- great historical drama about the three most influencial women in modern political China (before Mao)-$7

Strangers in Beijing- romance.- $5

Superman the Movie - well, now we have the great DVDs, so this isn't much use, but here it is...$9

Superman II - well, now we have the great DVDs, so this isn't much use, but here it is...$9

Swallowtail Butterfly VCD - excellent movie - Action, drama, and a conspiracy plot. - $14

Tai Chi Master - $9 -While supplies last. These won't play on a computer, only on a DVD player. The only uncut version available (to the best of my knowledge)!

Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl - modern cult classic action-drama. Good!- $10 bargain

Shikoku - Poplular Japanese Horror film. - $9

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Note: All DVDs and laserdiscs shown are NTSC. Most DVDs are coded for all regions; a few are coded for North America.


To order, paste item(s) description into our Order Form, or fax 940-497-2300, or send payment with shipping added to: P.O. Box 293028, Lewisville, TX 75029. Please include phone number and shipping preference if other than regular. You may also call your credit card order in to 1-800-569-6562.

New Shipping terms for 50 states: DVDs or VCDs: $3.55 for one, two or three discs or disc sets, 50 cents each additional disc. These prices include delivery confirmation-Priority mail or insured UPS (your choice). Shipping for laserdiscs: $4.50 first disc, $1 each additional LD or DVD. Note that double laserdiscs count as two discs. We recommend UPS for laserdiscs since they are handled better and it includes insurance. If any quaestions, please call or email.

International Shipping costs vary. We charge actual postage. The best way to get an idea is to go to United States Postal Service International Rates webpage. Generally, one DVD in an airpack weighs 7 ounces. Two DVDs in a light box weighs about one pound. Three DVDs in a box weighs about 1 pound, 5 ounces. If you place an order, we will send you the rate quote after the package is assembled. If it turns out more than you expect, you may cancel the order. We cannot give out general rate info for non-orders. The lookup chart is just too time consuming. If you are ready to order, send an Email listing your selected items, and indicate how you intend paying. Since most DVD titles we carry are all-region coded, we welcome European customers. There is a small packet airmail rate to Canada and much of Europe for only about $3.50 to $5 (plus registered of $6 if desired) for one or two DVDs. Payment must be in US funds in cash equivalent. Credit cards are fine, but must be verified by proof of address and a way to contact your bank.

Return policies: New policy for DVDs bought for use on computers. We cannot guarantee that every DVD we sell will play in a computer setup. It is just the nature of the computers, not only the discs. They use software to decode, and sometime it just won't work properly, even with some US DVDs. Please try the disc out on a friend's home player to see if it is really defective. If it is, then you may return it for an exchange. guarantees all laserdiscs and DVDs to be without defects. If proven to be defective, we will replace disc with the same title only.

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