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Black Cat - New Laserdisc or DVD! Both in stock. One of our most popular titles. This is the Hong Kong version of La Fem Nakita. In some ways better than the original- and MUCH better than the poorly adapted American version of the same story. BLACK CAT I AND II, (1991, 1992) new DVD. Hong Kong remake of Le Femme Nikita with a few different twists. Some reviewers liked this better than the original due to the outstanding performance of new Hong Kong actress/beauty Jade Leung. I say it is certainly better than the American version. The first half of the film is set in the U.S. (actually appears filmed in Hong Kong with a large number of European mix extras). Consequently, a lot of it is in English, even after the story moves to Hong Kong. Another great quality DVD Widescreen transfer (1.66:1). Language options are Mandarin and Cantonese, however, more than half of the dialog is in English anyway, taking place in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Many subtitle menu options including English, Vietnamese, Spanish, others. Although widely available elsewhere, good luck if you can find this for $35; most places want $40-$50. Our price is only New Laserdisc $30, DVD only $24 (new lower price)! for either title - New DVD.

REVENGE OF ANGEL (1990) with MOON LEE, WU MARARE. HONG KONG MINT LD, disc mint cond. (cover only fair cond.). Starring the internationally acclaimed Hong Kong action movie actress MOON LEE CHOI FUNG (ZU WARRIORS, THE PROTECTOR). This is an excellent martial arts/Ghost story/romantic drama (something for everyone). Very entertaining. Total running time 84 min., language in Cantonese & Mandarin tracks with ENGLISH and Chinese subtitles. Not suitable. $22.00

RECOMMENDED AND RARE! One of our favorites.

Andy Lau "THE TRUTH-FINAL EPISODE" LD- mint cond. This is a serious drama about the relationship between a good son (an educated paralegal) and a previously "bad" mother (i.e. ex drug-user, ex-prostitute, ex-killer). It also details the life of this family being persecuted by an unscrupulous and abusive policeman who was a friend of a policeman the woman was convicted of killing. (She was given a light sentence due to severe health problems, not to mention the fact that the policeman had kicked and beaten her after she failed to pay a loan back.) Good suspense and court room drama. The woman's reactions to events are fascinating (sometimes foolish, sometimes wise, always creative). Andy Lau is in good acting form. No Kung Fu and no comedy! An emotional human interest drama. CLV, 1991, 109 minutes, Cantonese and Mandarin with English subtitles. Not suitable for children. $19.00

ICEMAN COMETH (1989), starring MAGGIE CHEUNG and YUEN BIAO. Maggie is in fine form as a bitchy-but-beautiful hustler who finds and adopts a man who has been thawed out from a 500 year old frozen state. Features the famous Asia kung fu/action film Super Star YUEN BIAO. Some good wire-flying Fu-- but not as cheesy as most films of this genre. This disc was released in 1990 by Star Entertainment Co., Ltd., Hong Kong coded as SEL0185H90, printed & manufactured in Japan, comes with Digital Audio, CLV, NTSC format, total running time 115 mins., Widescreen, in Cantonese language tracks with Chinese subtitles. NO ENGLISH on laserdisc-- however, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this, and I don't know any Cantonese. English and other subtitles are on the DVD. Recommeded! $16.00-Rare used laserdisc. DVD is $26.00

Bodyguards of the Last Governor- Laserdisc in new-Mint cond.-only played once. An enjoyable Hong Kong comedy with plenty of wit and satire in addition to the usual HK slapstick. A fictional account of what might happen with the last British governor of Hong Kong (film was made in 1996). In this story, a Chinese take-out restaurant cook is appointed to be the last governor. A couple of policemen who don't like each other are hired to be special bodyguards for the new governor. Good performances by the lead actors (married couple). CLV, 90 minutes, Mandarin and Cantonese with English subtitles. Only $14.00 for either DVD or Laserdisc! A real bargain for either.

NEW LASERDISC! - Flirting Scholar - (Oh, those Chinese translations!-The title on both versions calls this Flirtong Scholar <g>.) This is a BRAND NEW GOLD laserdisc of the international famous art film Super Star GONG LI & comedian STEPHEN CHOW [CHIAU]. It is a comedy/kung fu farce about a rich and famous artist/poet with 8 wives who make him miserable (but everyone else thinks he is lucky). He sees a woman on the street (Gong Li), and sells himself as a slave into her household to try to court her. This is over-the-top, but all in good fun. Gong Li is as beautiful and fully dressed as ever. Disc was released by Mei Ah Laser Disc Co., Ltd., HONG KONG, coded GD009, printed & manufactured in Hong Kong, comes with GOLD DISC (Supposedly better quality audio/video). Digital Audio, CX noise reduction, NTSC format, Widescreen, total running time 100 mins., in Cantonese & Mandarin language tracks with ENGLISH & Chinese subtitles running at the bottom screen. $25.00 new laserdisc (in stock), or same price for special order DVD (Two weeks)!

Tri-Star &endash; starring Leslie Chung, ANITA YUEN, LAU CHING-WAN, directed by TSUI HARK. This is one of Tsui Hark's lessor known films; but it is a warm, funny, chaotic-- but easy to follow comedy/drama about a priest who decides to help a prostitute and her friends out of some unreasonable loan obligations to a gangster. This is actually good clean fun. The girls are extremely cute, but stay clothed or covered all through the movie. Good chemistry and interaction between Leslie and Anita. 109 minutes, in Cantonese & Mandarin language tracks with ENGLISH & Chinese subtitles. $20.00 used laserdisc, good condition; or only $14.00 for DVD version.- Bargain Alert!

Say, does anyone know what this movie title means? Just curious. Send email if you know. Thanks.

SEXY AND DANGEROUS (1996) starring the famous Asia sexy Star LOLETTA LEE. This is the female version of the popular 'Young and Dangerous' series. Also starring KAREN MORRIS MOK, TERESA MAK, produced by WONG JING, organiser & adviser SIU-KEI (Mafia head!). Total running time 92 min., in Cantonese & Mandarin language tracks with ENGLISH & Chinese subtitles. Not suitable-Adults only. $18.00 for either used laserdisc or new DVD version. (Both in stock.)

New rare laserdisc or New DVD! - TROUBLESOME NIGHT 3 (1998) Ghost movie-- like Troublesome Night, with new stories. Starring the internationally acclaimed Hong Kong Actress FENNIE YUEN KIT YING (BULLET IN THE HEAD, SWORDSMAN 1 & 2, HAPPY GHOST), and the award winning QUEEN OF GHOST MOVIE HELEN LAW (JULY 13TH , THOU SHALT NOT SWEAR, STEP INTO THE DARK). Also starring, LOUIS KOO, CHRISTINE NG (TROUBLESOME NIGHT), SIMON LUI, SHING FUI ON(PRISON ON FIRE), directed by HERMAN YAU LAI TO (TROUBLESOME NIGHT, THE UNTOLD STORY, TAXI HUNTER). WIDESCREEN, total running time 99 min, language in Cantonese & Mandarin tracks with ENGLISH and Chinese subtitles. Not suitable. Laserdisc $23.00 new-in stock; or New DVD only $18 (also in stock)!


Please read movie reviews of many of these films at:

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