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Minimum order on this page is 3 DVDs OR $20.00 (OK to mix with regular catalog titles. If doing so, 1+1 is OK.). $4.00 Priority Mail Shipping for up to 4 DVDs.

Minimum order on this page is 3 DVDs or $20.00 (OK to mix with regular catalog titles. If doing so, 1+1 is OK.). $4.00 Priority Mail Shipping for up to 4 DVDs. NEW POLICY- If ordering a single DVD from the bargain page, minimum charge is $12 plus $4 shipping. If ordering only two DVDs, the minimum charge is $20.

Note: There really is nothing wrong with most of the $5-$7 DVDs. These are titles that have been on the market a long time, so the wholesale price in HK is very low. The quality is usually about the same as most $30 DVDs.

None of the DVDs listed below are bootlegs. Most are published by Mei Ah or Universe. Prices subject to availability. All DVDs are all-region coded with English subtitles unless otherwise stated.

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Please pick an alternate if taking advantage of $0 offer. Subject to availability. To order any DVD on this page, please use our secure Order Form. Due to the popularity of our bargain page, a few of the titles below are likely not available at any give time. Please select one or two alternate titles. It may speed up your order. You can always re-order a missing title at a later date if we are able to re-stock (usually we will). Or you can email for availability.

18 Times-Really cute romantic comedy about a very beautiful woman whose husbands keep dying through no fault of her own. Cherry Cheung!-$7

990714.COM - Internet Murder horror thriller - $7

Aces Go Places 2 through 5 (only) -Great action-comedy series. We have less stock with #1, so it is not included in the sale.-$8 each

The Adventurers-Andy Lau-$9

Afraid of Nothing the Jobless King-great comedy about a fired cop who would not go along with corruption. He joins a gang of beggars and strikes back.-$7

All the Wrong Spies- -$11

All About Ah Long - Chow Yun Fat - Great Drama! $11

Ancient Chinese Whorehouse - Ewong Yung. Very pretty actress. Adult action-crime drama. Cat.3-$7

Angel on Fire- Cynthia Khan. Excellent crime-action. English dub US release. - $8

Armor of God 2 (Operation Condor) - Jackie Chan - this is the Mandarin version (with subs).-$11

Arrest the Restless- Leslie Cheung, Vivian Chow. Stylish crime chriller.-$8

Assassin-Excellent, very violent action film (classic period). Stars Zhang Feng Yi (the Assassin in Emperor and the Assassin), Rosemund Kwan, and Max Mok.-$9

Back Alley Princess-modern classic kung fu featuring the very talented Shan Kwon Ling Fung.-$8

Beauty of the Haunted House-sex horror about a haunted house. For Adults only.-$9

Beijing Rocks-Daniel Wu and Shu Qi star. This is a unique 2001 film about some young and restless types against a backdrop of Chinese urban young nightlife. Chinese rock music soundtrack. Anamorphic 16:9 picture, 5.1 DD sound. In Mandarin with English subtitles.-$11

Best of the Martial Arts Films-Documentary with Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and several other marial arts stars. English language.-$10

Black Cat in Jail-1999 film. Another sequel. Same actress as the first two (Jade Leung).-$11

Blacksheep Affair-Man Cheuk Chiu stars. Great escapist action about a cult-terrorist captured by police and then freed by his followers. Wild chase scenes. This is good, solid camp and great action. Great kickboxing from the lead star.-$11

Blind Romance-Tony Leung and Chingmy Lau!-$10

Blue Moon-new release, bargain priced.-$10

Bodyguards of Last Governor-Funny, campy spoof about the last governor (fictional) of Hong Kong (film was made in 1996). This really really is pretty good comedy!-only $10

The Breakthrough (modern war drama)- About one of the fiercest battles between the Natioinalists and Communists in 1947. Told from the Communists viewpoint, but still a good war drama. -$8 special lower price

The Bride With White Hair - Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung - cult classic favorite with bizarre hyper-violence and a morbid but fascinating plot. Highly recommended. - $11

The Bride With White Hair II-Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung in the sequel.-$9

Special offer:The Bride With White Hair 1&2 package deal - Brigitte Lin, Leslie Cheung - cult classic favorite with bizarre hyper-violence and a morbid but fascinating plot. Both DVDs priced together. - $18

Brotherhood-stars Danny Lee and Alex Man. Very good crime action drama. Recommend! If you haven't seen more than one Danny Lee cop film then you are really missing a treat! -$7

Bruce Lee the Legend-documentary. Includes choice of Cantonese or English language.-$7

Casino Raiders 2-Andy Lau. This time Johnny To directs.This is another take-off of the God of Gamblers concept, but is not a sequel. This is the sequel to Casino Raiders.-$11

No Risk No Gain (Casino Raiders the Sequel)-Andy Lau & Michelle Reis. Wong Jing is the screenwriter and producer.-$10

Casino Tycoon-Andy Lau and Joey Wang! Gangster drama. You can't go wrong with these two actors. Lowest price on the net!-$9

Casino Tycoon 2-Andy Lau and Joey Wang! Gangster drama. You can't go wrong with these two actors. Lowest price on the net!-$8

The Cat (horror)-$10

China's Last Eunich - Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, and Max Mok star in this excellent classic period film-$8

Chinese Erotic Ghost Story-Jessica Chung Chun, Grace Yang Ka Ling, Hung Siu Wan. Directed by Cho Kin Nam - $9

Chinese Midnight Express-Tony Leung- prison drama.-$10

City War-Chow Yun Fat and Ti Lung. Violent action revenge story with Chow at his angry best.-$8

The Conman-Andy Lau, Athena Chu; director Wong Jing. This continues the God of Gamblers tradition. Not exactly a sequel, but sort of is. Recommended.-$11

Conmen in Vegas-Andy Lau gambling filck.-$10

The Contract-This is a classic 1978 comedy by Michael Hui (starring and directing), plus starring his two brothers Sam and Ricky. Highly recommended!-$8

Coolie Killer- excellent assassin action film. - $10

Cop of the Town-Danny Lee crime action. If you haven't seen more than one Danny Lee cop film then you are really missing a treat!-$7

Crazy Companies-Andy Lau comedy. Pretty good!-$8

Crocodile Hunter-Andy Lau; Wong Jing director. Action/Comedy.-$8

Crystal Fortune Run-Very good, campy, fast action, Mission Impossible-type police vs good guy criminal types (except for one who kills a lot of people, but she's got her reasons). Really great ninja-style action, and lots of it! - $7

Dances With the Dragon-A romantic comedy about Aaron, a young, successful Chinese businessman, who drifts onto a rural island after a scuba accident. Mistaken for an illegal immigrant, he is forced to take refuge in a small, family-run grocery store. Enjoying the riches to rags transition, he tells nobody his true identity, and falls in love with the grocery store owner's daughter, Yvonne. But while Aaron enjoys his life of anonymity, Yvonne covets the chance to escape her poverty. Meanwhile, in Aaron's absense, a plot has been hatched to take over his company. Are Aaron's and Yvonne's lives too different to find happiness together?-$11

Desirous Express-adult drama about an abused wife and her affair with her best friend's husband. Not bad, and well worth the price.- $5

The Doctor in Spite of Himself-Cheung Tat Ming, Christine Ng. Lau Kwok Fai comedy.-$7

Don't Look Back or You'll Be Sorry-horror-comedy-$9

Don't Tell My Partner - Very sexy and sex-filled story about infidelity at the office. C-grade flick, but The lead actress is something else! Recommended! - $8

Dreams of Glory A Boxer Story-Liu Chung Yin. Action and drama!-$7

Eagle Shooting Heroes (Dong Cheng Xi Jiu)-Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung, Joey Wong, Veronica Yip; Wong Kar Wai(Producer), Jeff Lau-director. Kung Fu period comedy - Way over the top Funny! Greatest actresses.-$10

Easy Money-Michelle Yeoh-$10

Enter the Dragon - Bruce Lee - $11

Enter The Eagles - Shannon Lee (Daughter of Bruce Lee), Michael Wong, Anita Yuen, Jordan Chan. This is a great B-Action movie. A jewel hyste is set in Eastern Europe, but the thieves who are hired to do the job are double-crossed by the boss. Really great action, especially in the final fight scene. Shannon is very good. - $11

Final Justice-main stars are Lau Ching Wan, and the ever lovely Almen Wong as the seductress of a priest. She then accuses him of rape after he tells her he cannot continue the relationship. Very good drama. Eric Tsang should have been left out, but other than that, this is great.-$10

Eighteen Springs-Leon Lai and Anita Mui star in this romanctic drama.-$11

Eternal Combat-Joey Wang. Excellent fantasy martial arts classic.-$9

Eternal Evil Of Asia- $11

Extreme Crisis-Very good modern action film. The hunters become the hunted in this fast-paced thriller. One of the most entertaining buddy cop action movies from Hong Kong in the 1990s, and is now only-$10!

Final Justice (1988)-this is an early Stephen Chow police-action film before he got popular in comedy films. Excellent low budget Hong Kong cop flick. Great action and acting.-$11

First Option-Michael Wong; Action film. RECOMMENDED; this is one of the best customer rated movies we sell for police S.D.U. action.-$10

The First Time is the Last Time-Andy Lau violent crime and romance drama.-$10

The Fortune Code-Sammo Hung, Andy Lau, Anita Mui Star in this campy 1989 spy thriller.-$10

Ghost Lantern-Tony Leung Kar Fei and Chingmy Yau star in this romantic Ghost story fantasy. Very good.-$9

Gigalo and Whore- -$8

Gigalo and Whore 2-Simon Yam and Rosamund Kwan-$8

Girls Without Tomorrow -$10

God.Com-This is a good campy B-movie, but in bad taste: A crime thriller about a murder cult figure, and a cop who tries to catch him. Stars Anthony Wong and the lovely Grace Lam. Some adult scenes.-$11

God of Gamblers II-Andy Lau and Stephen Chow.-$10

God of Gamblers III Back to Shanghai-Stephen Chiao. This is a comedy take-off. Quite good, and very funny!-$9

The Godfather's Daughter's Mafia Blues- Don't let this title fool you, and don't miss this while it is available! This is an excellent low-budget 1980s HK action flick. Some great car chases and some great kick-boxing by the female lead. She is very good. Really fun to watch. Price recently reduced.-$10

Handsome Siblings-Brigitte Lin and Andy Lau. Excellent period martial arts film with some good comedy and lots of great wirework and great story too. Excellent fight scenes. Similar style as Flying Dagger, but with less comedy and more drama and fighting. This is a real classic. Great!-$10

Happy Together- Light-hearted family and romantic comedy.- $7

Happy Together (different film than previous one)- Wong Kar-Wai director, Christopher Doyle cinematographer, Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung star in this excellent gay-interest drama.-$10

Haunted Karaoke-ha!-$7

He Ain't Heavy He's My Father-stars both Tony Leungs. A surprisingly good family drama- another Hong Kong time travel fantasy like in Back to the Future, where the son goes back and meets the young father. Excellent film!-$9

Heart of Dragon-Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung star together in this serious drama. Also some great police/martial arts action by JC.-$9

A Hearty Response-Chow Yun Fat. This 1986 film has some very good police style action, with romantic drama hybrid. Ol' CYF once knew how to kickbox a little without any special effects! I was surprised. A young Joey Wang looks good, and is almost unrecognizable- we're so used to seeing her in her 30s. (She's a peach both young and not so young!) But she is such a great actress too, and nearly carries the whole film as such.-$10

Her Name is Cat-Hot Female Assasin Thriller! This is a good B-movie. Stars Wong Pui Ha (Almen Wong). She is a master assassin who is systematically killing the Hong Kong triad bosses. Michael Wong plays an artist cop who tries to chase her down after a failed big police bust where a lot of innocents die. She and he decide to chase each other around town. They end up trying to protect each other from a lot of bad stuff going on.-$10

The Hero of Swallow-Yuen Biao kungfu action. Nobody works wires better than YB! Story similar to Iron Monkey, but without as much humor. Still, pretty good.-$11

Heroes Shed No Tears-Old John Woo action film starring Eddy Ko. Violent war action-drama. This is the high quality Megastar release. We are just overstocked right now.-$11

A Heroic Fight (Dickie Wei classic)-Lowest price in the West.-$8

Highway Man-the literal meaning of the Cantonese title is: Road Heroes II Illegal Car Racing, which is what this movie is about: some late night illegal car racing drivers. Fast action and racing scenes! Good quality DVD. Now out of print, but we have a few.- $10

Hong Kong X File - A murder thriller feature film with supernatural elements. Apparently inspired from (or copied from) the X Files. $7

Hong Kong Night Club-similar theme as Who's the Woman Who's the Man.-$7

I Wanna Be Your Man-Lesbian interest comedy.-$10

Immortal Spirit-stars Almen Wong and Michael Wong. Recent Hong Kong police/supernatural drama. A very good, campy ghost/possession movie.-$7

The Imp-classic 1978 horror filck. Good!-$8

Intimates-Lesbian drama.-$8

Inspector Wears Skirts-Cynthia Rothrock; Great police action-comedy about a squad of policewomen.-$10

It's A Wonderful Life-Andy Lau. Excellent fugutive drama.-$9

The Kid-Excellent and heartwarming drama starring Leslie Cheung. About a bankrupt divorced man who finds and adopts an abandoned child.-$10

Kid with the Golden Arm (English dubbed- old Shaw Brothers)-$11

Killing Me Tenderly (1997)-Hong Kong takes another whack at Hollywood's "The Bodyguard", but with much more satisfying results than the 1994 Jet Li vehicle. Leon Lai Ming, village chief and bored rural cop, lands his first urban assignment. He thinks he'll be protecting Tung Chee-Hwa, but in fact he must go undercover, as bodyguard for up-and-coming HK Cantopop sensation Cinderella (Sammi Cheng Sau-man). The twist: he has to pretend to be gay, to fit into Sammi's all-gay male entourage. Sammi must deal with the rigours of the HK entertainment world (here spoofed in a goofily satirical vein), complete with a hostile rival singer and a psychotic fan. Around the standard plot elements of Leon and Sammi's awkwardly blossoming love affair, and the crazed fan's increasingly threatening behaviour, director and writer Lee Lik-chi has built a surprisingly fresh, disarming, and funny film. Soundtrack is in Dolby Digital.-$11

The Killer's Love-Simon Yam romantic comdey-$9

Killers From Beijing-Violent ganster action drama-$7

Laughters of " Water Margin"… - $8

The Last Blood- early Andy Lau film directed by Wong Jing. This is one of the best police action films ever made. Seriously! - $10

Lee Rock-Andy Lau. Drama about a well known and liked HK policeman (from real history), but during the peak of anarchy and corruption in Hong Kong, so he was corrupt also. This is an excellent and very popular Hong Kong drama.- $10

Lee Rock II-this DVD does not have English subtitles through most of it.-$6. Or get both LR 1&2 for $15.

Legendary Tai Fei-Anthony Wong stars. This is a branch of the Young and Dangerous story.-$7

Life in the Last Hour-$8

The Longest Summer-CRIME ACTION-$10

The Lord of Hangshou-$10

Lost and Found-Kaneshiro Takeshi-$9

Love is Not a Game But a Joke-Maggie Cheung; comedy. New lower price!-$10

Love Generation-stars Leon Lai and Shu Qi. Director Jing Wong.-$9

Love... Love-OK if you like Shu Qi. Otherwise this is a weak romantic comedy. At least there are a lot of skimpy bikinis and famous young actresses, so well worth this new ultralow price.- $6

Love on Delivery-Stephen Chow and Christy Chung. Good romantic comedy with some good action-fight scenes.-$10

Lucky Stars Go Places-Sammo Hung.-$10

Lung Fung Restaruant-(Stephen Chiau)-$10

The Mad Phoenix-true drama about a famous screenwriter and composer in the 1920s who became mentally ill in later life-$10 Danny Lee cop action film.-$10

Magic Crane/Rivals of the Dragon-Stars Tony Leung and Anita Mui, in one of Tsui Harks greatest and most bizzarre films. Great fun and amazing special effects. This USA DVD is pretty good quality, but even more importantly has the original Cantonese soundtrack (with Eng. subs). Also includes a freebie double feature featuring some actual Crane fighting techniques.-$9

The Magnificent Scoundrels-popular Stephen Chow comedy.-$10

Marooned- recent Hong Kong release (2000)- a Macau policeman and his casino dealer girlfriend end up $2 Million in debt to a triad boss (from gambling). They have to come up with the money.-$10

The Masked Prosecutor-Louis Koo and Jordan Chan star in this excellent murder/police thriller. Lots of good action, and a very well-written and acted story. We highly recommend this. Low budget and some camp, but very well made.-$9

Mean Streets Story-Ekin Cheng - Triad action and young romance.-only $10

The Mistress-(1999). Ray Lui, Vichy Chen star. Category III drama (adult), but by a female director- Crystal Kwok.-$7

Modern Romance-Christy Chung, Ng Ka Lai, Chingmy Yau, and Sandra Ng star in this light romantic comedy.. Directed by Wong Jing, and also stars Roy Cheung. Good fun! Here is a nice review.-$7

The Most Wanted-stars Lau Ching Wan. This is a very good movie about a deep undercover cop who is abandoned by his superiors. Don't miss this one!-$10

My Hero II-Triad comedy-drama-$7

Mr. Nice Guy-Jackie Chan. This is the uncut Cantonese version with English subs.

Mr. Vampire - The original 1980s film. This bargain version is the China release in Mandarin with Eng. subs. Horror camp-comedy.-$8

Mr. Vampire II-More whacky fun. Horror camp-comedy. DVD-$8

Mr. Vampire 4 Sage (Mandarin)-Even more whacky fun.-$10

Dr. Vampire-This is more of a European style adult vampire movie. The vampires look human and don't hop. They just suck blood like Dracula. This is actually pretty good.-$10

My Name is Nobody- Nick Cheung, Shu Qi. Yet another king of gamblers clone.-$7

No Compromise-Danny Lee; extremely violent action thriller. Quite good.-$7

Nude Fear- Not an adult movie (but still would be R-rated for violence and partial nudity). Excellent police suspense thriller about a woman cop who is obsessed with finding the serial killer murderer of her mother from 20 years ago. Well made and well acted. - $10

The Odd One Dies-stars Kaneshiro Takeshi in this excellent movie about a loser with a gambling habit who takes on a hitman job to raise some money. Gets lucky in gambling so he hires another hitperson who ends up being a woman. Recommended!-$11

One of the Lucky Ones-Alice Lau, David Woo, Hui Fun. Good drama about a blind teenage girl and her determination.-$5

Ordinary Heroes-Anthony Wong plays an Italian priest! This is a critically acclaimed 1999 drama about a group of misfit activists: an assortment of leftists and boat people. The 1980s HK government won't allow the boat men to bring their wives on shore (would be deported to mainland). The main two characters are a young man and woman. The woman has lost her memory, and the man is in love with her and tries to help her. Asiafilm recommends!-$8

The Owl vs Bombo (aka Owl vs Dumbo)-good early Sammo Hung & Michelle Yeoh action comedy!-$11

Papa Can You Hear Me Sing-Critically acclaimed Mandarin drama. An abandoned little girl is found and adopted by a poor srap metal collector. She grows up to be a professional singer, but doesn't have time to see her adoptive father. This is a most highly recommended 1982 drama. Very emotionally intense and uplifting. Don't miss this before it goes out of print!-$10

Paper Marriage-Maggie Cheung, Sammo Hung romantic comedy. Good!-$7

Perfect Girls-Michelle Reis looks absolutely stunning, and Nina Li has a scene in a red swimsuit, that'd knock the socks off a dead man. Bargain!-$7

Perfect Match-(the romantic drama; not the sex movie)-Andy Lau stars; Wong Jing directs.-$9

Powerful Four-Danny Lee crime action-$7

PR Girls-Popular movie because of the tittelation, but a good drama in its own right. Adult drama, and very cute girls. Also has the most extensive subtitle options I've ever seen, including Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and English.-$8

Prince Charming-Andy Lau, Michelle Reis, and Nick Cheung star. Wong Jing directs this offbeat romantic comedy.-$8

Princess Chang Ping - early John Woo film from the 1970s. Romantic classic costume drama! - $8

The Private Eyes- Classic 1976 comedy starring the Hui brothers: Michael, Sam and Ricky Hui. Directed by Michael.-$7

Queenie and King the Lovers-Recent film (2000) directed by Tony Leung. Love triangle drama. Not bad!-$7

The Raid - Tony Leung Kai Fai and Jackie Cheung star; Tsui Hark and Ching Siu Tung both direct. This is an excellent campy action period film (pre-World War 2 during the Japanese occupation of Manchuria) in a Raiders of the Lost Ark action style. This is an oft-overlooked classic. Great! - $10

Red Shield-This is simply an amazingly good low budget cop action filck. Recommend highly!. Danny Lee stars and Parkman Wong directs.-$9

Return to Dark-Anthony Wong.-$7

Return to a Better Tomorrow-Ekin Cheng, Michael Wong, and Lau Ching Wan. Chingmy Yao also makes a comeback. Action drama. I actually like this better than the John Woo films. (Better story and acting.)-$11

Romancing Bullet-Danny Lee stars in this recent (2000) gangster action film.-$8

The Romancing Star III-Andy Lau stars in this 1989 Comedy!-$7

Romantic Dream-nice offbeat Romantic Comedy about young love.-$10

The Rules of the Game-Louis Koo, Kristy Yang, Alex Fong star. Director- Cheng Wai Man. Pretty good 1997 gangster flick.-$7

Rumble Ages-Teen gang drama.-$8

Rythm of Destiny-Danny Lee and Aaron Kwok. Andrew Lau directs this drama about a free-wheeling ganster older brother who is trying to influence his younger brother to be a good boy and pursue a singing career. But the younger brother dislikes the older one because of misunderstandings and clashes.- $9

Saviour Of the Soul- Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Aaron Kwok, Gloria Yip; Wong Kar Wai (Writer), Corey Yuen director. - $10

Sea Root-Lau Ching Wan. Drama. Lau Ching Wan is excellent in the leading role as son of a long time boating fishing family. A boat person's optimisim affects everyone around him. If you want to see a Hong Kong drama that is truly excellent (a rare thing to behold), see this!-$11

Sexy and Dangerous -Loletta Lee, Francis Ng, Michael Tong star in this film about young female street gang members. This was capitalizing on the popular YOUNG AND DANGEROUS film series, but is actually pretty good on its own.-$9

Sex and the Emperor-the title says it all. Exploitive B movie about an emperor and his many women. Adults.-$10

Shanghai Affairs-Donnie Yen (Iron Monkey) stars and directs in this classic-style Kung Fu tale. Not as good as most of his films, but very much worth watching once. Some good fight scenes, and he does try to make a good drama. It just has an odd pacing and unsympathetic characters. (For a really good Donnie Yen directed film, see Ballistic Kiss.)-$11

Shanghai Grand-Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau star in this very violent and well-directed Shanghai gangster flick. Also with a short role by Almen Wong, but one of her greatest and most famous as a snake-loving seductress/torturer.-$10

Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon-Sammo Hung action comedy.-$10

Street Angels-Chingmy Yau, Hsu Chi! Triad gangs and action. This is a good, early Chingmy Yau and Simon Yam "young street gangs" film. Simon Yam is one of the smartest actors in Hong Kong, and of course Chingmy looks good as always. In this movie she plays a bitchy violent tough person, which is a little different from her more humorous teasing roles.-$7

Swordsman in Double Flag Town-no English subtitles, but still a great movie to watch! MUCH Better than Ashes of Time! This has a similar look and feel as Tsui Hark's Blade, but the story is more similar to Kurosawa's Yojimbo and something like Mel Gibson's Road Warrior. The people in it are so primitive and expressive the story is easy to follow even without subtitles! Some aspects of the people and animals are very graphically and brutally portrayed. You will learn how horse head soup is made. A teenage boy disguised as a cripple wanders into a small walled village in the Gobi desert. The village is frequently harrassed and extorted by a gang of bandits. The teenage boy is actually a master double swordsman. He travels disguised as a homeless cripple until one of the bandits tries to rape his girlfriend. He kills the bandit. It goes on from there. Awsome cinematography of the village and surrounding desert, and a great DVD transfer. Good "epic" music soundtrack. Mandarin language only. out of stock

Sworn Revenge-horror ghost story.-$7

Temegotchi-1997 horror film about a little girl who infuences death around her.-$9

Tempting Heart-Takeshi Kaneshiro and Karen Mok star in this romance drama directed by Sylvia Chang. Recommend!-$10

Temptress Moon-Gong Li, Leslie Cheung, David Ng. Gorgeous cinematography by Christopher Doyle. Directed by Chen Kaige. Drama-Tragety from Mainland China; was popular in the US arts theatres. Official import DVD.-$6

Thanks For Your Love-Rosamund Kwan and Andy Lau star in this romantic drama.-$9

They Came to Rob Hong Kong- -$10

Three Lustketeers- Sexy B-comedy.- $7

This is Kung Fu-documentary starring Jet Li and Qiu Jian Guo.-$10

Tiger on the Beat-Chow Yun Fat- Great action!-$10

Tiger on the Beat II-new budget line from Universe.-$8

The Tigers-Andy Lau and Tony Leung; good police crime drama about some eclectic cops who steal some money from a crime scene.-$10

Those Were the Days-Ekin Cheng-$10

To Love-recent Japanese drama about a girl's first love and her discovery that she might have leprosy. Her reactions and those of her boyfriend are explored. Very good romantic drama!-$6

The Tragic Fantasy* Tiger of Wanchai-Simon Yam, Lau Ching Wan Roy Cheung star in this gritty triad action drama. Very good-$10

Tri-Star - Leslie Cheung - This is an excellent Tsui Hark light comedy (Tri-Star is a night club in Hong Kong), evil pimps, and a king hearted priest (Leslie Cheung) who tries to help a young woman who is in trouble with one of those pimps. Recommend. (This is the Tung Ah Chinese version called "Trisect". With English subtitles.-$10

Tricky Brains-Stephen Chou and Andy Lau star in this excellent comedy-$10

The Tricky Master 2000-Stephen Chow stars in this Wong Jing hit comedy. A "King of Gamblers" spoof. Recommend!-$9

Troublesome Night 3-Believe it or not, this is pretty good! Sexy and campy ghost drama/comedy.-$6 Low price! or *$0

Troublesome Night 4-A more racy sequel. Not bad!- $6 low price!

Troublesome Night 6- -$10

Troublesome Night 7- -$10

A True Mob Story-Andy Lau stars in this gritty violent triad revenge drama.-$7

Trust Me You Die- -$10

TwentySomething-Adult Gen-X post teen adults struggle over love and friendship. Pretty good adult drama. Cat.3.-$10

Twin Bracelets-an unusual drama about a fishing village where the married couples only get congegal rights a few times a year. The story focuses on one teenage girl and her friendship with another which grows into an obsession with her in an almost lesbian manner. Very well-directed and good realism in the village life.-$9

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star-Chinese New Year comedy. NOT the Jackie Chan movie. This is a good film, but a slow seller. We have very limited stock and will not be re-ordering. Last chance.-$11

The Untold Story 2-True Crime Story about gruesome murders. Graphic violence. Adults only.-$9

Undeclaired War-a Ringo Lam film stars Danny Lee and an international cast, including Rosamund Kwan and Peter Lapis (American). Action-triller about police versus a terrorist organization.-$11

Untouchable Mania-Danny Lee Crime drama-$10

Violent Cop-Anthony Wong, Michael Wong. Crime thriller about a serial killer who goes after "Johns".-$7

Violent Cop-Starring and directed by Beat Takeshi. This is an excellent crime thriller about a violent cop who goes after some kidnappers/murderers.-$11

Walk In-Very good ghost-possession film starring Wu Chien Lien (Beyond Hypothermia) and Danny Lee. Director: Herman Yau. Original story, OK acting and directing. The horror element is very light. Actually this is mostly just a human drama with some supernatural elements.-$9

The Wedding Days-Stars Anita Yuen and Jordan Chan. Very entertaining light romantic comedy. Great date movie.-$10

What a Wonderful World-Andy Lau Theresa Lee, Kenny Bee. Directed by Samson Chiu. A depressed reporter spends time with a gangster financier fugitive and learns to love life again. Excellent human-interest drama and almost like an epic adventure! Wonderful performance by Andy Lau. RECOMMEND. Don't miss this. It will be gone soon and will never be reissued.-$11

When Fortune Smiles-Stars Stephen Chiau (Chow), Sandra Ng, and Anthony Wong. 1990 comedy with the now famous Stephen Chow. About a rich family fighting over a dying man's wealth. A professional thief (Chow) is hired to steal and alter the will. Very funny and conveluted. Limited stock.-$9

Where a Good Man Goes-Very good drama directed by Johnny To; stars Lau Ching Wan. Kind of unbelievable start, but Lau eventually turns in a winning performance as the down and out gangster with a terrible temper and a really unpleasant personality, but who deep down cares about other people. Recommended, and well worth the price.-$9

Winner Takes All-Nicholas Tse, Annie Wu, and Raymond Wong star in this crime action/comedy.-$9

Winners and Sinners - Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan comedy action - $10

Young and Dangerous the Prequel- -$10

Young and Dangerous-Ekin Cheng stars along with Jordan Chan and others in this highly successful pulp drama about low level street gang members struggling with life problems and competing gangs.-$11

Young and Dangerous 2-$11

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New Shipping terms for 50 states: DVDs or VCDs: $3.55 for one, two or three discs or disc sets, 50 cents each additional disc. These prices include delivery confirmation-Priority mail or insured UPS (your choice). Shipping for laserdiscs: $4.50 first disc, $1 each additional LD or DVD. Note that double laserdiscs count as two discs. We recommend UPS for laserdiscs since they are handled better and it includes insurance. If any quaestions, please call or email.

International Shipping costs vary. We only charge actual postage- no packing or handling charge is added. The best way to get an idea is to go to United States Postal Service International Rates webpage. Generally, one DVD in an airpack weighs 7 ounces. Two DVDs in a light box weighs about one pound. Three DVDs in a box weighs about 1 pound, 5 ounces. If you place an order, we will send you the rate quote after the package is assembled. If it turns out more than you expect, you may cancel the order. We cannot give out general rate info for non-orders. The lookup chart is just too time consuming. If you are ready to order, send an Email listing your selected items, and indicate how you intend paying. Since most DVD titles we carry are all-region coded, we welcome European customers. There is a small packet airmail rate to Canada and much of Europe for only about $3.50 to $5 (plus registered of $6 if desired) for one or two DVDs. Payment must be in US funds in cash equivalent. Credit cards are fine, but must be verified by proof of address and a way to contact your bank.

ASIAFILM.COM, P.O. Box 293028, Lewisville, TX 75029

Phone 940-321-2300, Fax 940-497-2300, orders only: 1-800-569-6562

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